Jessica Sherwood

Jessica Sherwood

Qualifications: Has a BFA degree in Ballet Performance from Western Michigan University (where she studied under Eugene Mills and A.B.T.'s Jurgen Schneider). Also attended New York University's Tisch School of the Arts, studying under Lawrence Rhodes. She's a certified Cecchetti teacher and a certified instructor of the Zeena Rommett Floor-Barre Technique. Has performance experience with WMU's Ballet Theatre and appearances with a variety of regional dance companies in the New York metropolitan area.

Personal History: I absolutely love ballet! I didn't start studying dance until my senior year in high school. But, from the moment I took my first ballet class, I was hooked. I can sympathize with an individual's initial hesitation toward the somewhat daunting prospect of learning ballet. In my first dance school, the instructors scolded us for not knowing all of the French terminology and they called people "Buddha belly" for not having proper form. Therefore, my approach to teaching is more straight-forward and inviting. I developed BalletBootCamp in an attempt to make ballet more accessible to more people.

Workout Philosophy: Do what you love to do. Be good to yourself. Be patient. Follow your passion!

Sucess Story: One of my loveliest, most inspirational friends went through chemotherapy and radiation treatments for breast cancer while preparing for and performing in the BalletBootCamp video. A one-time professional dancer, Abby insisted on being fully involved with her own healing process in the way that she knows best...through dance. She participated in a vigorous program of stretching and ballet movements, which helped to restore her strength and flexibility and to keep her from becoming depressed. Knowing Abby has changed my life. She is an incredible and a beautiful person who was triumphant in her recovery.

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