Marta Montenegro

Marta Montenegro

Qualifications: Has a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology. A certified fitness trainer and a strength and conditioning coach (CSCS, NSCA-CPT).

Personal History: When I was 18, I lost my father. At the time, exercise acted as an outlet for me to deal with my emotions and relieve stress. I became certified as a fitness trainer and strength and conditioning coach. Then I opened my own gym in Venezuela and began fusing dietary guidelines, health and fitness to design customized wellness plans for patients with special medical needs.

Workout Philosophy: Being fit goes beyond how you look. Being fit and active is a way to feel alive -- it’s an ongoing journey; it is definitely not a destination!

Sucess Story: From Kandi Smith in Mabelvale, AR. "Marta’s Method is awesome. I lost over 80 lbs 5 years ago and now I work out a couple of hours daily to keep the weight off. I get bored easily so I try all kinds of different workouts to hold my interest. However once you’ve exercised for some time you learn that most everything is a rehash of the old. Not the Montenegro Method though.I’ve managed to find super effective moves I’ve never seen or done before. And even though the workout is way challenging it’s not so challenging that you are discouraged from ever trying it again. A super effective workout in less than 30 minutes -- who would’ve known? Amazing job!!"

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