Sam Combs

Sam Combs

Qualifications: Certified by AFAA, ACE, and ASCM. An AFAA continuing education provider. Has a Master's degree in Music with an emphasis on Performance/Education.

Personal History: My interest in fitness evolved out of my lack of it! As a student in music and flute performance, I was looking for better ways to manage my 'stage fright' as I always sounded great in a practice room... but, put me on a stage and you had another story entirely. I had read somewhere that exercise helped. Interestingly, my Professor of Flute told me that running up and down stairs will simulate nervousness - you know - shortness of breath, heart pounding, dry mouth. What she didn't realize at the time was that I was soon spending more time on the stairs than in the practice room. Well, my performances did get better in spite of the fact that I spent more time in the stairwells. My ability to extended musical phrases without taking a breath and my improvements in tonal quality really excited me. I guess the rest is history...

Workout Philosophy: Nobody cares about you as much as you do... sad, but true. Money, time, jobs and families are the excuses we hear all of the time, but, if you are not healthy enough or around to enjoy them, they are simply worthless from the start!

Sucess Story: From Anne & Terry in Greenville, NC: "We enjoy Sam's classes, because we know we will get a great workout as well as have fun. At the end of his class, we feel refreshed physically, mentally, and renewed spiritually! We have enjoyed taking his classes for more than four years and he keeps bringing new ideas and formats, making the workouts fun, challenging, and leaving us all wanting more. That is very important, because it helps us maintain a consistent, activity-based lifestyle! Finally, we have found an instructor that inspires us from the inside out...rather than vice versa!"

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