Travis Eliot

Travis Eliot

Qualifications: Certified at the 500 hour Yoga Alliance Level, completed 660 hour Ayurvedic Medicine program at The American University of Complementary Medicine, on the faculty of the Kripalu Institute.

Personal History:

I group up playing soccer, skateboarding, surfing, mountain biking and cross country running. It wasn't until I was in my mid 20's that I made my way into my first yoga class. It was love at first sight though as I was blown away that yoga encompassed strength, balance, flexibility, stamina, detoxification and a lot of other things!! I became an advid student eventually attending retreats in Kaui and Thailand. In Kaui I had a near death drowning experience and Thailand I witnessed the big Tsunami of 2005. Both these events really changed my life and I decided to fully dedicate myself to teaching yoga with a vengeance.

I started teaching in the yoga mecca of Santa Monica, California. Since then I've been incredibly blessed to lead classes, workshops, trainings, retreats and shoot DVD's all over the globe. What continues to motivate me is to continue to be a student, to keep getting on my mat and challenge myself to that I always keep growing and expanding!

Workout Philosophy: Life is short and incredibly sacred. Exercise supports us to be the best human being that we can be. If we take care of our body it will take care of us. I design my programs to be all encompassing with the intention that when you finish you feel like you are firing on all cylinders.

Sucess Story: There's been so many but the one that stands out right now is Dr. Greg who happens to be a surgeon in NYC. He shared with me that doing the Ultimate Yogi 108 day program made him a better surgeon. His work is so subtle that it literally deals with milimeters. The yoga increased his focus (quality of surgery), greatly improved his posture from all the hunching that he does, and then his energy levels skyrocketed. On a side note he felt the fittest in his life and didn't mind the fact that he was developing a 6 pack. On top of that he felt he was more present with his patients and became an even better husband and father.

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