Jillian Michaels' Body Revolution - Phase 1
Backcover Description: Ignite your weight loss with Jillian Michaels! This program from America’s toughest trainer will put...

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Ignite your weight loss with Jillian Michaels! This program from America’s toughest trainer will put you on the fast track to weight loss with a metabolic makeover.

WORKOUT 1: Start off strong with basic moves that target “front of the body” muscles like chest, shoulders, arms, quads and core! This workout is about building balance and core strength in order to burn calories and prep your body for the upcoming workouts. Your body and light weights provide the resistance. Low impact cardio bursts make this a non-stop fat burner.

WORKOUT 2: Continue building your foundation with classic “back of the body” moves that work your back, biceps, glutes, hamstrings and core using your weights, a resistance cable and your own body weight. Like Workout 1, strength, balance and stability are the goal as you burn mega calories.

WORKOUT 3: Ratchet up the intensity with high-energy sculpt moves using weights and a resistance cable for super sculpting and mega-fat melting. A real “front of the body” challenge.

WORKOUT 4: This “back of the body” workout introduces more plyometrics and traditional athletic drills, using weights, for superior sculpting and a dramatically spiked calorie burn.

CARDIO WORKOUT: Low impact cardio moves for “extra credit” calorie burn that leaves you lean and mean.

ULTIMATE RESISTANCE CABLE: Ergonomic design and rotating handles, quick length adjustment allows you to go from upper body to lower body workout range in a snap, target muscle groups while you move through a full range of motion.

Jillian Michaels' Body Revolution - Phase 1

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Level: Intermediate

Beginner: Just starting out, very overweight or haven't exercised in over six months.

Intermediate: Active in sports, dance or any regular exercise (2 to 3 times per week).

Advanced: Very active in sports or consistently work out four or more times per week.

Aerobics Impact: Higher

Lower Impact: Both feet never leave the ground at the same time. This minimizes stress on your knees.

Higher Impact: Includes movements like jumps, hops and skips. Very high-impact is called plyometrics.

Mixed Impact: This alternates or combines the above styles.

Aerobics Choreography: Basic

Basic: The easiest to follow. It ranges from simple walking-style marches to sports and athletic movements.

Complex: More intricate combinations and patterns. They're ideal for people who like to dance.

Moderate: More interesting than Basic, less dancy than Complex.

Toning Emphasis: Total Body

Upper body: Arms, chest and back.

Lower Body: Legs, thighs, hips and buttocks.

Abs: Abdominals (stomach), core and sometimes lower back.

Total body: Tones all three of the above muscle groups.

Instructor: Jillian Michaels (Instructor Profile)
SKU: 9196
Runtime: 164 min.
Region: 1
Street Date: 09/18/2013

Product Description:

Five workouts plus a rubber resistance tubing (this is the first five programs from Jillian's 15-workout series). It's a well-designed system that integrates the latest fitness techniques — from super sets and high-intensity interval training to plyometrics and core-focused toning. The two all-sculpting workouts are exceptionally varied. They include classic Pilates, yoga and gym-style exercises plus lots of Jillian-specific variations (often maximizing time-efficiency by targeting multiple muscle groups at once). The two aero/tone interval programs alternate those toning routines with fast-paced cardio segments (a blend of kickbox, athletic and sports-inspired moves). The final workout is pure fat-burning cardio. As always, Jillian's cuing is clear, motivating ... and a little "bad ass" ("come on, don't suck!"). Multiple sets of dumbbells are suggested (e.g. 3, 5 & 10 lb.). ©2011.


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