Paul Katami's Kettlebell Drills
Backcover Description: Paul Katami brings his signature Hollywood Kettlebell Workout right to your home. As Kettlebell Master...

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Paul Katami brings his signature Hollywood Kettlebell Workout right to your home. As Kettlebell Master Instructor, Paul has developed an in-home program designed specifically to use a moderate weight kettlebell. Paul’s clinic will give you all the basics and teach you about safety. Once you’ve mastered the clinic you will experience Drills – a calorie-burning, sweat-inducing straight set of exercises. Not done yet! As a bonus, Paul has included a special core routine to strengthen and tighten your midsection.

Get ready to work with Paul’s dynamic and challenging routines. This all-in-one DVD will help you change your body using the kettlebell!

Paul Katami's Kettlebell Drills


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Level: Inter/Advan

Beginner: Just starting out, very overweight or haven't exercised in over six months.

Intermediate: Active in sports, dance or any regular exercise (2 to 3 times per week).

Advanced: Very active in sports or consistently work out four or more times per week.

Aerobics Impact: Lower

Lower Impact: Both feet never leave the ground at the same time. This minimizes stress on your knees.

Higher Impact: Includes movements like jumps, hops and skips. Very high-impact is called plyometrics.

Mixed Impact: This alternates or combines the above styles.

Aerobics Choreography: Basic

Basic: The easiest to follow. It ranges from simple walking-style marches to sports and athletic movements.

Complex: More intricate combinations and patterns. They're ideal for people who like to dance.

Moderate: More interesting than Basic, less dancy than Complex.

Toning Emphasis: Total Body

Upper body: Arms, chest and back.

Lower Body: Legs, thighs, hips and buttocks.

Abs: Abdominals (stomach), core and sometimes lower back.

Total body: Tones all three of the above muscle groups.

Instructor: Paul Katami (Instructor Profile)
SKU: 5936
Runtime: 53 min.
Region: 0
Street Date: 11/01/2010

Certified instructor description:

Smooth flowing kettlebell exercises that build lean muscle as they raise your heart rate. The first workout is well-cued and uncomplicated — it's specifically designed to inspire a safe, fat-burning tempo throughout the entire program. The moves are sequenced for both effectiveness and fluidity (e.g. a traditional overhead press is combined with a faster-paced, total-body squat/swing progression). The mostly-floorwork abs program uses the kettlebell to boost intensity and results. DVD also has a 34-minute kettlebell tutorial. Paul explains the technique, then he demos the exercise; finally, he has you “internalize” it with 30-60 seconds of practice. Requires a kettlebell. ©2010.


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