Alice Bracegirdle

Alice Bracegirdle

Qualifications: Can Fit Pro Certified as a Fitness Instructor Specialist, Mind/Body Specialist, Pre and Post Natal Specialist. Hadia Level 2 Belly Dance Certification and Bellyfit Master Trainer

Personal History: In 2003 in a small town in rural Ontario, I was a single mom on welfare battling depression, exhaustion and poverty. Seeing that my lack of health was having a profound effect on the well being of my two year old daughter Shalom, I knew a change had to be made.

I knew that the key to regaining balance was within me, and that no one could save me but myself. So I looked to the only resources I had ~ movement, music, mindfulness and community! In my tiny apartment one icy Winter’s day, I slipped a CD into my stereo and let the music guide me. Despite three years of not moving my body, within a few minutes of listening to the beat, my body’s memory of being a Dancer, Fitness Instructor and Yoga student started flooding back. As I moved my body, my energy also began to move and after a few days of groovin’ in my living room, life all of a sudden seemed a whole lot brighter. With this new outlook on life, I could now see clearly how women’s health and the health of the world are undeniably interconnected. I knew I had to keep moving, not just physically but emotionally, spiritually and mentally as well…the world depended on it.

Since then, I have trained with Masters of movement from all over the globe and continue to find new ways for women to move in an empowered, inspired, holistic way.

Workout Philosophy: I believe in bringing women back to their true selves, back to their power so they can step up to the challenges that lie ahead and guide our planet back to peace and balance. It all begins in the body.

Sucess Story: Ronda B. from Stillwater, OK writes: Hi Alice...When you said "you are more than your body" that was really transformational for body slowly started shifting, taking a new form, even though I'm still technically over weight...I have changed and developed so much. And am still.

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