Caroline Pearce

Caroline Pearce

Qualifications: Masters Degree (MSc) Exercise Physiology and Nutrition, First Class Honours Bachelor Degree (BSc) Sports Science, Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS,) Accredited Master Trainer for Power Plate teaching on fitness, elite sport, healthcare and rehabilitation worldwide, Tabata Master Trainer, CrossFit Level 1 Qualified Instructor

Personal History: I was a former International athlete (heptathlon and long jump) competing for Great Britain for 6 years including the European Cup in 2004. I then joined the British Bobsled team taking part in the World Bobsleigh Championships in 2005 before a knee injury halted my competitive career and forced me to adapt my training regime. I discovered vibration training with Power Plate and how effective it was for my rehab and so trained as a Master Trainer delivering their courses all over the World. I've worked with and developed programmes for a wide variety of clients including elite athletes, celebrities, royalty, rehabilitation centres, government healthcare authorities and general fitness enthusiasts. I was also a UK TV Gladiator, playing 'Ice' for the revival of the hit TV show where I could be found swinging from rings, climbing walls and doing Duel battles! Along with my fitness instructing, I like to spread advice and knowledge through presenting and writing. I am the author of 'Better Body Workouts for Women' (available from October 2013), fitness column writer for BodyFit Magazine (UK) and a TV fitness expert and Sports presenter and commentator. My fitness approach utilizes speed, power, strength and most importantly changing training stimuli for optimal body transformation results. Good nutrition is also an essential part of what I prescribe and I follow a Paleo style diet to optimise results. My motivation to stay disciplined and train hard is to set standards and live by those standards and to motivate and inspire others to lead a healthy, fit and happy life.

Workout Philosophy: My workouts follow my tried and tested body part rotation system followed by cardio blasts to elevate heart rate and scorch calories by maximising the metabolic effect of exercise. By rotating exercises for lower body, upper body and abdominals you develop body symmetry, reduce the need to rest between exercises and have fun with constantly changing exercises. My philosophy is to train with intensity and variety to see results.

Sucess Story: Liz, my pr executive friend, spent her life yo-yo dieting and pounding the treadmill doing steady-state aerobic exercise desperate to be slim and toned, but only to stay stuck in a rut, at the same weight, and frustrated she wasn't seeing change. She never dared to do any strength training, for fear of bulking up, until I persuaded her to train with me! Immediately I transformed her mindset and routine to incorporate my interval and circuit training principles using shorter sessions to what she was doing. I established a consistent balanced diet packed with lean proteins, fibrous veg and 'good' fats and within weeks her body became leaner, stronger and more sexy (hard curves!) With her willingness to try something new and belief in my system it was amazing to see her transformation. Now it's easy - she knows the system and can fit the workouts in anytime. It's changing people's approach to exercise, breaking down preconceived ideas and educating that is career purpose and so satisfying for me.

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