Charlene Prickett

Charlene Prickett

Qualifications: Certified by ACE, The Cooper Institute for Aerobics Research, and the Canadian Heart Association. Has produced fitness videos and television shows since 1976. IDEA Business Person of the Year. Board and Board Emeritus of ACE.

Personal History: I jumped my way through school as a cheerleader, then sang and danced my way around the globe with the USO, entertaining American troops overseas. I became a committed runner to increase my lung capacity as a singer and now I weight train diligently to preserve bone density and muscle mass. An avid hiker, I use step and low impact aerobics to maintain the cardio stamina to enjoy my beloved Canadian Rockies. Neither Jim, my husband of 30 years, nor me can run with our 21-year old daughter...she leaves us in the dust!

Workout Philosophy: For me, the journey IS the experience. I enjoy my favorite step class as much as I enjoy the health benefits. I'll drive across town for an aerobics class with a clever instructor. I can't tolerate boredom. I don't do 'misery.' My hope for you and for me is that we continue to find vigorous physical pursuits that bring us health and joy.

Sucess Story: A biker (as in motorcycle gang) was a regular viewer of my "It Figures" television fitness show, mainly to ogle the gals. Over time, the health information I delivered imprinted on his brain and he decided that he might make better food choices and quit smoking. Despite flack from his peers, he accomplished his goals and contacted me along the way for moral support. I was delighted that he got the right message, even if he was watching for the wrong reason. Eventually, he started exercising and enjoyed substantial weight loss.

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