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Qualifications: Tom Kleeman, MD, nationally-renowned orthopaedic surgeon, with Anne Talbot-Kleeman, RN and Certified Fitness Professional, have launched a revolutionary new workout video: MDfitness, The Doctor’s Workout. This unique exercise program is unlike the extreme workouts geared towards those looking for a “beach body.” MDfitness was developed to help participants maintain a healthy, active lifestyle, even as they age.

Personal History: Let me tell you a story — about 7 years ago, I had been on vacation trying to hike up this mountain, and I got so out of breath that I almost had to quit at the halfway point. When I got home, I went through a complete medical work up to find out that my only problem was that I was "out of shape". I had been prescribing exercise programs for my patients for over 20 years, but realized I wasn't following my own advice. Like many people in their middle age years, I was more focused on my family and career than on my health.

I tried several work-out programs but found that they took so long that I just couldn't fit them into my schedule. I also concluded that the target audience of most workout videos was actually between twenty and thirty. I wasn't look for six pack abs; I just wanted a better quality of life.In the end I decided if I couldn't find the perfect work-out, I would create it. I drew on my training in orthopedics and exercise physiology at Yale University, as well as my experience in research and clinical practice. I then teamed up with a fitness expert with a strong medical background, who was conveniently also my wife, Anne.

Through our research we came across the term "Sarcopenia" which describes the process of muscle loss that occurs with age. Basically we lose 8% of our muscle mass every decade starting around the age of 40. But we also found that there is good news in that most of these problems can be averted with a simple regimen of exercise. Now cardio exercise alone won't prevent Sarcopenia, but when combined with resistive exercise using light weights, even eighty-year-olds can reverse the process of muscle loss. It has even been shown that with exercise you can actually reverse the aging process and make yourself biologically up to 10 years younger. Thus was born MD Fitness, "The Doctor's Workout".
Regardless of your age, gender or current fitness level, "The Doctor's Workout" is designed for you! If you follow this simple formula you could literally save your life. So if you are ready to transform yourself to a fitness level you never dreamed possible, let's get started with "The Doctor's Workout".

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