Eric Zimmer

Eric Zimmer

Qualifications: BS in Health and Human Performance, U of Montana, Certifications: ACE Personal Trainer, ACE Group Fitness Leader, ACE Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist, Stott Pilates Instructor, DVIDA Ballroom Dance Instructor

Personal History: I've been involved with fitness and exercise since I was an adolescent. With motivation to spare, took my efforts to the buodybuilding stage in my teens and enjoyed a successful competitive career through my mid 20's while concurrently earning a bachelor's degree from the University of Monatana in Heath and Human Performance. Stetting the stage for my future development as a Dance and Fitness Specialist, I was introduced to dance classes on campus. I quickly realized the benefits and joy of dance, adopting a more balanced lifestyle fo strength and conditioning in concert with the grace and efficiency that dance technique offers. I have enjoyed sharing my passion for dance and fitness with my clients and classes over the years and remain energized by the experience.

Workout Philosophy: Our bodies are designed to move. The intricate weave of muscle and joint and skeleton propels us to perform and experience life through movement. The importance of maintaining the body systems should never be underestimated and a properly designed exercise program will always be a mainstay against the vagaries of weakness and loss of function. I design workouts for clients of all ages and abilities to achieve maximum success for life. The crucial element that must be confronted is the balance between quantity of movement and quality of movement. When these elements coexist, fitness becomes immediately gratifying and rewarding, allowing maximum results in both the condition of one’s body as well as the way the body moves and adapts to the challenges of daily life.

Sucess Story: I first met Austin at a local dance studio in Portland, Oregon, when he was 11 years old at the behest of his mother. At the time she was concerned about his physical fitness and was hoping that his burgeoning skills as a young dancer could be matched by a smart progression of exercise in order to support the demands of ballet. Over the next 4 years I watched Austin grow and stretch as a young adult and dancer, tirelessly taking classes and working diligently on his strength and range of motion. His body took on the look of a very fit, very trained young dancer and his abilities turned the heads of prominent dance schools around the nation. The connection between fitness and dance was extraordinarily apparent in Austin’s training and physical appearance, and I was a proud member of his support network as we watched him leave our local academy for a coveted position at the Houston Ballet. I look forward to following his continued success and take personal pride in what can transpire with enough effort, training and physical fitness.

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