Gay Gasper

Gay Gasper

Qualifications: Certified in Group Exercise by ACE and AFAA. Also certified by Promise Enterprise Kick Boxing, AEA Aqua, and AAAI Yoga. Was the first-ever National Step Champion.

Personal History: When I was five years old, I started classes in ballet, jazz, tap, and acrobatics. My parents saw dance and gymnastics as an outlet to my never-ending energy. I continued to excel, so my parents encouraged me to become the best at what I loved and where I was most successful - movement and dance. The dance school were I grew up was Modern Academy Of Fine Arts in Scotch Plains, NJ. From there, I attended Dean College and received a degree in Fine Arts. I was thinking that I wanted to be come a famous dancer, so I joined the ranks in Manhattan. That’s where I lived and worked as an aerobic instructor in order to pay for my continuous dance classes, food, and rent. This is also where I realized my love for aerobics and group exercise. I found it more fulfilling to help people get in shape and saw a better life, teaching group fitness. The decline of fine arts taught and prepared me for this life as a group fitness leader and personal trainer. I am so dedicated to exercise and my students, because I learned from a very early age that nothing stops you - no matter if you're sick or injured. I also learned to never let your goals slip away - go after what you want.

Workout Philosophy: My workout philosophy is simple. Consistency and proper training is the key to having a healthy strong body and mind. As I've grown more mature, I've realized: the magic pill is exercise!

Sucess Story: Three years ago, a young man named Doug bought 20 sessions of personal training for his mom. Two days after our first session, Doug passed away in a car accident. Marie was devastated to lose her only son. I thought she would never return. One month after the accident, Marie decided to keep the promise she had made to her son. This was to get in shape. She has been with me ever since and continues to make progress. She is now training with me and her new husband. Marie is truly my inspiration.

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