Jay Blahnik

Jay Blahnik

Qualifications: IDEA Instructor of the Year in 1996-1997. NIKE Athlete for over eight years. Exercise consultant and choreographer for some of Jane Fonda's videos.

Workout Philosophy: Pick an activity that you really, truly enjoy and one that makes you smile, even though this activity is less intense than you think you should be doing. The difference is - if you choose something that feels like work - you won't stick with it. If it is fun and inspiring, you will do it for life!

Sucess Story: Susie, a 51-year-old group fitness participant, was in average shape and taking a few classes a week. After taking a call from me, she became motivated to improve her fitness level, so that she could participate in my classes on a daily basis. When I began teaching Trekking and Precision Cycling classes at her club, Susie attended religiously and became hooked on running and biking. Her improved condition led her to take up swimming as well and, within a year at age 52, she had competed in six triathlons! NOTE: Further information has been requested; we will post that information if/when it arrives.

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