Jennifer Kries

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Qualifications: Certified Pilates Instructor. Creator and Choreographer of Fit TV's The Method Show. Has a variety of teaching and choreography credits, including the New York City Ballet, Hubbard Street, and Pennsylvania Ballet Summer Residencies, Bat Sheva Dance Company, Tel Aviv, and Miami City Ballet Dance.

Personal History: Both of my parents are athletes and artists, so I was exposed to music and sports from a very early age. My father was an Olympic athlete and sculptor and my mother was a concert pianist and avid tennis player. I suppose you could say that I inherited a love for the arts and celebrating the human body from them and then I went about the business of shaping my self, body, mind, and spirit through dance and fitness. I started dancing professionally at age 15, but had been dancing from the time I was a child. My love of music and passion for movement flowed through me and informed everything I did. As a dancer training at The School Of American Ballet in New York City, I was introduced to Pilates at age 13 as part of my professional ballet training. After that introduction, it became an essential element in my life. I came back from a serious dance injury using Pilates as a rehabilitative tool and was inspired to help others benefit the way I had. So, I learned to teach it and introduced it to public gyms in New York and Philadelphia - people absolutely loved it. I then discovered yoga at 19 and was incredibly inspired by its innumerable benefits; I knew that I had to teach that as well. Eastern Arts then followed with my study of qi gong and yin yoga.

Workout Philosophy: The greatest gift you can give yourself is to find a workout that inspires you and nurtures your body, mind, and spirit – a workout that helps you to evolve and become the very best person you can be.

Success Story: The most recent and touching story involves a woman from Alaska who I met in a toy store. She was buying a gift for her sister's new baby. She recognized me and came over with tears in her eyes to report that she had been doing my videos since 1999. She had lost a whopping 150 pounds after finally finding the inspiration she needed! She had just gotten married and credits me with helping her to find the courage to embrace her true self - and the shape she was always meant to have. She is now interested in teaching Pilates and yoga.

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