Kristina Milova

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Qualifications: Certified by AFAA. First place winner of Pre-Championship Latin Dance at Galaxy Dance sport championships in 1999. Second place winner at the United States Ballroom Dance Association Amateur Dance championships in 2000.

Personal History: It all began in Russia (now Ukraine) where my father managed a traveling circus. Ever since I can remember, I was surrounded by athletic performers. I began dance at an early age. Throughout the years, I’ve taken ballet, jazz, hip hop, modern, character and Latin dance. I have always loved everything that has to do with movement -- it is like another language and helps me to express myself in ways that words cannot. I love the rush of competition and the butterflies that I get while watching others perform.

Dancing has always been a big hobby of mine throughout my life. As a dance instructor, I have always had good body awareness. Because of this, a lot of people kept on pushing me to become a personal trainer, telling me it’s something that I would be good at. While in school and finishing my degree in Fashion Design, I began to develop my skills as a personal trainer under a lot of great Crunch "senior" trainers. That really helped me to embrace myself and helped me to see people through a different eye. I believe that health is extremely important. Ever since my father had a stroke that paralyzed his right side -- before he passed away -- I realized how staying healthy and developing good habits at an early age effects an individual’s life.

At this point in my life, I’m in a happy relationship with a man that I believe is my soul mate. I’m only beginning my career so my future kids would have to wait, but I definitely want two in the future..; )

Workout Philosophy: Incorporate fun and innovative ways of training so boredom and stagnant plateaus do not exist -- while still pushing yourself to new fitness levels.

Success Story: Ben in San Francisco, California. I remember our very first dance lesson session. He had never danced in his life. He was really nervous, shy, uncomfortable, and both of us had no idea why he was even there. I was shocked when he kept coming back. Slowly, he began to open up; he stopped being so harsh on himself, and began believing that you can do anything you put your mind to.

In his business, he’s the one in charge, always giving orders and making non-stop phone calls (I mean, the phone never would stop ringing!). He made all the big decisions that affected his entire staff. But when he came into our session, the roles were reversed -- that seemed very odd for him. But that's also where he began to learn about himself -- his weaknesses, and all his inner emotions were being brought to the surface. Our sessions were like mini-interventions where we built his dancing skills through healthy dance workouts. But mainly, he was building his character and learning who he really was as a person.

Today, Ben is a strong man who finally knows what he is worth and continues to push himself on a physical and mental level. We’ve developed such a strong bond that he’s like the uncle I never had.

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