Nicky McGinty

Nicky McGinty

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts Honours Dance Degree, 1st Class from De Montfort University-Leicester, Diploma in Circus Skills and Physical Theatre from Circomedia-Bristol, YMCA Fitness Industry Training qualified as aerobics instructor, Dance UK and Gulbenkian Foundation Observership Award, PGCE in Dance (Teaching Certificate in Further Education)from Greenwich University-London, Certified Yoga Teacher Distinction from School Of Santhi-India

Personal History:

I got started in fitness because I worked as a professional dancer, choreographer and circus performer for 17 years before becoming a Certified International Yoga Teacher. I was always a very physical person and always searching for new ways to develop my body's abilities and strength to help my job. Working in dance meant I was always struggling financially - so I retrained as an aerobics instructor, however dance always pulled me back. This gave me further fitness understanding. At the age of 28 I discovered yoga initially through injury rehabilitation for a ripped hamstring and ultimately I went for future-injury prevention too. Although very confused with yoga and all the breathing techniques at first- I soon realized their benefits and I never looked back! I went on to train in Raja Yoga, Ashtanga, Jivamukti and Vinyasa Flow Yoga all over the world. Studying under such inspirational yoga teachers I came to see the enormous power, importance and capacity to heal that yoga provides; not just physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well. It led me to greater peace and inspired living!

After spending a major portion of my life actively engaged in personal-growth work, I returned to London to experiment with fitness, yoga and dance and to see how they can benefit the body together. I created classes dedicated to the integration of yoga, fitness and dance. And so my own specialized style of Ballet Fitness, Vinyasa Yoga and Ballet Yoga was born!

After becoming pregnant last year I also went on to train as a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher. I feel privileged to be passing on this wonderful practice as an enlightened means for women to allow their bodies to accept and be open to the natural beauty of motherhood without becoming fearful.

Having worked with, and been taught by some very severe methods and teachers, particularly in dance, this has motivated me over the years to teach with a very down to earth, friendly and warm approach. I am passionate about guiding correct anatomical alignment and self-awareness and in developing my own practice and fitness. I am dedicated to helping my students on their own journey; providing a playful, fun practice and platform for them achieve their goals in life. To bring about transformational discoveries and finding limitless possibilities for themselves and their bodies.

Workout Philosophy: Exercise is so important to me because as an ex-dancer, it keeps me connected to my body and gives me so many health benefits. I feel great when I exercise, it keeps me motivated and happy. It also aids my spiritual growth; I believe, feeling good in your own body and maintaining a free and happy mind clears unwanted stress and anxieties! I largely design my workouts around my fitness needs for that time in my life and I like to diversify my training. i.e. dance, yoga, running, swimming, So there is always cardio for strength and stamina building and I always add flexibility and balance work. I also add specific body toning as part of my workouts to condition my problem areas. i.e. tums, bums, thighs and bingo wing busters!

Sucess Story:

Anita Chiswick, West London writes:

Nicky is an incredible teacher always offering generous, energetic and clear instruction. I have always lacked confidence with my body and have never maintained diets to get the kind of body i would like. But following Nicky's yoga practice/ballet DVD I now have a strong and lean body. Nicky's ballet DVD is broken down into manageable sections, allowing me to slot it into my busy schedule and focus on my problem area, my stomach, which is now showing signs of a six pack and feels much healthier! The first time in my life I feel comfortable in a bikini and there's never a need to think about dieting! Her teaching has given me the confidence to try new postures and trust my strength will build.

I leave Nicky's class feeling energized, confident and peaceful. Her yogic teaching of calmness, gentleness and acceptance has had a transformative effect in my life. Nicky has inspired me to make yoga a way of life. I would highly recommend Nicky's Ballet DVD/yoga class to everyone

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