Raneir Pollard

Raneir Pollard

Qualifications: B.S. Exercise Physiology from the University of Miami, Florida. Certified Personal Trainer from The American College of Sport’s Medicine, Certified: NASM Kettlebells, VPR and TRX Suspension Training.

Personal History: As a young track athlete, I was always concerned with having a strong core. I remember pleading with my high school coach about including a 5-10 minute core strengthening routine in our team’s warm up. He agreed as long as I was willing to lead the exercises. Those 2 years of leading my team was my true beginning in instructing because it allowed me to feel the passion I had for helping others get stronger and of course, healthier. This parlayed into my role as a group exercise instructor throughout college; and upon completing my education at the University of Miami, I expanded my love for fitness to the personal training realm.

Workout Philosophy: Working out isn’t an option; it’s whether you’re having fun doing it or not. I prefer the former.

Sucess Story: Amira in Miami, Fl came to talk to me when I was graduating college. I knew her as the big smile in the back row that had never missed my class rain or shine. She had been a member of my University’s Wellness Center for many years by the time I became an instructor, but had not taken my class until my later years on the team. She told me that she had always heard great things about me, but was so intimidated by how hard my classes seemed and how I large in stature I seemed to her. After friends of hers finally convinced her to try my class, she said she couldn’t believe how much fun she was having. Amira laughed at all my jokes and really worked hard. My favorite quote was that she always felt I was “talking right to her”. Well, after a year of only taking my classes 3-5 times a week, Amira lost 50lbs. It didn’t only make me happy to know her breathtaking progress, but the fact that she stressed how much she laughed along the way meant the world to me!

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