Shannon Fable

Shannon Fable

Qualifications: Certified by ACE and AFAA. 2006 ACE Instructor of the Year Award. BOSU Program Development Team: ACE Master Trainer.

Personal History: I fell into fitness by accident without really knowing that a career was there to be found! I was a gymnast and cheerleader all through school and into college. My teaching career began with instructing ballet, gymnastics, and cheerleading across the country. I began taking group fitness classes - the typical nervous person in the back row, wondering what I was getting myself into. Slowly, I worked my way up to the front row and got noticed. An instructor told me of a workshop being held at the facility to teach people how to teach group fitness and I signed up right away. The rest is history; about 6 months later, I helped in the initial launch of BodyPump in the US. Eventually, I worked for Crunch and helped with the launch of Urban Rebounding by presenting at IDEA in 1999. Currently, I travel the world, teaching new programs and continuing education to fitness professionals of every level. I am married with a cute little dog named P-Nut; we live in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, where I love the scenery when I'm in town.

Workout Philosophy: Work smarter, not harder and enjoy what you choose to do for your workout. It's about becoming active as a way of life, not just something you fit into your schedule to accomplish a weight goal.

Sucess Story: Stella from Atlanta was a participant in a kickboxing class and an eventual client. When she began with me, one minute on the treadmill was too long and 60 minutes of kickboxing just made her laugh. A decade later, we’ve run 5ks and a half-marathons together. She's now a group fitness instructor herself. It's an absolutely amazing story if you ever met her!

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