Stephanie Vitorino

Stephanie Vitorino

Qualifications: Certified by ACE and AFAA.

Personal History: I was born in Joliet, IL, where I lived until the age of nine. Then we relocated to McAllen, Texas with my mom and grandmother. Times were often tough -- watching my mother work two or three jobs to keep a roof over my head instilled a work ethic that I still carry to this day. As a child, I had no interest in sports or activities, and I became an overweight child. I was always the girl picked last for the team in gym class. The teasing and taunting finally gave way to the guidance of my 6th grade P.E. teacher; she inspired me to get healthy. I took a dance class and that was it! I found something I loved! I’ve struggled with my own weight. I know what it takes to gain control of your body, your emotions, and your life. That inspires me to share my experience with others. I went on to perform as a professional dancer which took me around the world. I became a magician’s assistant to Lance Burton at the Monte Carlo Hotel in Las Vegas. Between shows, I would get the showgirls together and we’d do ab routines. It was something I found so rewarding. My passion for fitness was lit and I became certified as a personal trainer. In 1996, I started a personal training business and moved to Los Angeles. My first Group Fitness class was a complete surprise to everyone, including myself. The instructor didn’t show up to teach a class and the manager of the gym asked if I could do it. 'Sure,' I said, and I’m so glad I did. I loved the energy of bringing fitness and music together. I knew I had to do this. I now live in Los Angeles with my husband Tom, our dog Stella and two kitties.

Workout Philosophy: You must be willing to sacrifice for your goals, and push beyond what you think is possible. Own the choices you make. Fitness is a life journey, not a two week boot camp. Recognize that you deserve to be your best. Do not settle for a weak version of you. Go for GREATNESS!

Sucess Story: Rachel from Woodland Hills, CA: “Your class has changed my life. I weigh myself once a month and this month I lost another 6.5 pounds. I'm down 23 pounds from my top weight of 180.  I now weigh 157.  My goal weight is 135 so only 22 more pounds to go.  I'm more than half way there. I just thought I'd share my success with you, Thank you!.”

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