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Qualifications: Suzanne Andrews is a licensed Occupational Therapy Clinician with 30 years exercise expertise. Google praised her Arthritis DVD as “top class of its type” and was also awarded “state of the art qualities for effective delivery and measureable results” by Dr. David J. Demko, receiver of three Whitehouse commissions on aging.  Her doctor recommended COPD DVD selected #1 out of top ten on  Prior to earning her degree with honors, Suzanne worked as a fitness director for the YMCA and acquired certifications in strength training, group fitness, water aerobics, personal training and yoga. Suzanne constantly updates her medical knowledge with state approved medical certification courses to insure each exercise DVD demonstrates carefully researched and medically proven techniques. She has contributed to numerous books, major magazines, and written over 200 peer reviewed health and wellness articles for midlife to older adults.

Personal History: From Death's Door to Producing a National Fitness Series.

After sustaining back and neck injuries from a major car accident, cardiac arrest on the operating table and severe bilateral shoulder injuries from a work accident, Suzanne miraculously regained full function through an integrative health plan that included Functional Fitness and sound nutrition.

Diagnosed with a thyroid disorder that slows metabolism, Suzanne Andrews found the key to losing 60 pounds through her evidenced based fitness programs for specific health conditions. Originally created in 2008 with its first run on WDSC TV, Functional Fitness with Suzanne Andrews ® broadcasts on 113 Public Television stations.  With a third series on the way, Suzanne integrates fitness with travel taking you to some of the most beautiful destinations in North America for the most motivating workouts ever!

Workout Philosophy: With her motto, “as far as fitness DVDs go, one size does not fit all” Suzanne designs two to three fitness levels in every program so you move at the pace that's right for you. With an emphasis on exercises to decrease arthritis pain, increase bone strength and boost your heart and lung power, she says, “As a grandmother of three, I believe age is not a disease. With Functional Fitness, one day longer really is one day stronger!"

Success Stories: "Thank you for your exercise routine. I started with you in March 2014, weighing 184 Lbs., feeling horrible with my overweight body. I'm 56 and felt like I was 92 yrs old, barely moving with all the pain in my joints, my blood pressure was through the roof at 168/102. My Dr. wanted me to go on blood pressure pills immediately. I asked him to please let me try a new lifestyle to try to bring my pressure down naturally, and if I couldn't, I'll see him again. I left his office feeling scared to death about dying from what I had done to myself . As of today June 4, 2014, my weight is now 156 Lbs, my blood pressure is 128/78, and all of my pain is gone. I feel like a new woman. I couldn't even keep up with you before. Now, I work out right alongside you! Talk about improvement! Needless to say, I no longer (need) to be on blood pressure medication, haha. I did all this is a large part to your show that I found surfing the TV one morning in March. Thank you for saving me, I got my health back, I can move again, like a 56 yr woman should move. 

Sending hugs your way for encouraging me to be better physically, and mentally with your words of wisdom at the end of your program. It really works , and helped me become a new woman, healthy, strong, committed to a life I now love.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Noreen Perez"

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