Sylwia Wiesenberg

Sylwia Wiesenberg

Qualifications: Nine years of artistic gymnastics, plus track running in Warsaw, Poland. Studied at AFTA (America Fitness Training of Athletics).

Personal History:

I was passionate about movement since my first steps, and movement played always a very significant role in my life. It helped me to achieve not only all my fitness goals, but it allowed me to become more confident woman and to respect my body in a very organic way.

I was born in Warsaw, Poland, and raised by my parents in a very cosmopolitan way travelling throughout Europe, studying in Australia, Italy and USA. Throughout my travels, the essential element was always movement. I will never forget doing planks and mat workout in small places like hotels, or balconies when I travelled.

I worked in London and I came to New York to work for large corporate organization. Instead of continuing working, I decided to quit my job and live by my passion and happiness…I wanted to live my DREAM. I spent hours developing new moves and sequences and going from class to class in many gyms and studios, I was talking to trainers and seeing what was really missing in the fitness scene. When I got pregnant and everyone was saying that I should say goodbye to the “fit and firm” body, I decided to proof everyone wrong.

Initially I created Tonique for myself to keep my butt and legs in perfect shape. This was my focus. I worked out daily doing Tonique method. It worked and I decided to share my method with other women/mostly moms who wanted to feel good and look good at the same time. I started free of charge class and when I began seeing amazing results that Tonique delivered both physical and mental I decided to share with other women, and produce first dvd. Then I got inspirational emails from women from around the world saying thank you for being part of their lives…well they inspired me as much as I inspired them.

Every day I wake up thinking what I can do to make a change, and every night I put myself to sleep with a new move, it sounds odd but it is the reality, I guess if you love something so much in your life you can’t let it go! And I love movement/fitness, and people and helping them is the biggest reward I get.

Workout Philosophy:

Movement is as important as clean water and air. It should be part of everyday life -- just like eating, drinking and sleeping is. It allows us to experience a different level of freedom, self respect, mind and body control and being in tune with your body.

I design every move with a purpose – I expect most of my moves to deliver not only a good workout for certain muscle, but also to engage balance, dynamic stretch and strengthen your brain. The focus is always on exercising endurance and building beautifully sculpt body without heavy weights.

People are motivated and inspired by my body, but what I love the most is that majority are drawn to Tonique because they love my energy. My goal is to project my entire energy onto others and to make them believe in themselves ... day by day, and little by little. I want people to believe in impossible as noting in life is impossible!

Sucess Story: Pamela -- beautiful mother of two who was size 6 to 8 and pear-shaped. She didn't believe that she can do more than she thought ... and that she could ever be size 0. Today, she is size 0 and she is not pear shaped. She does 2 hours of classwork or dvds without stopping. And she is strong physically and mentally!

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