Tonya Larson

Tonya Larson

Qualifications: AFAA Certified Group Exercise and Step Instructor. Certified in Prenatal/Postnatal Fitness and Bosu. BA from the University of Texas at Austin

Personal History: My first job, at sixteen years of age, was working as a trainer at a fitness center in Norwich, Connecticut, where I developed a love of encouraging and motivating others to enjoy and maintain a lifestyle of fitness. As I pursued an education and career in the performing arts, exercise was a consistent passion, stress reliever and recreation that accompanied me. When I married my wonderful husband, Josh, who is currently serving as a Navy FA-18 pilot, I chose to put some of my dreams on hold for a time, during which I gave birth to our two sons within 17 months, went through 3 moves and a deployment. Because the Navy requires us to move so often, it has been difficult for me to maintain and develop classes over the long-term so this last year, I decided to dust off some of those old dreams and produce my first fitness DVD, “Step Pump / Body-Mind-Spirit-Fit”. It can come with me wherever the Navy moves us and I can offer the DVD as a follow-up to the training that I do in my group exercise classes. Another one of my life’s passions is my spiritual walk with God so I have incorporated the Spiritual Warm-Ups as an optional segment in “Step Pump,” for those that would enjoy exercising, growing and stretching spiritually as well as physically.

Workout Philosophy: Do what you love and love what you do! You’re so much more likely to be successful at a lifestyle of health and fitness if you enjoy the type of exercise you’re doing. So find out what lights you up and passionately pursue it!

Sucess Story: One of my close friends, Ronna of Tulsa, OK, used to tell me that she couldn’t understand me when I would say, “I really want to workout! I can’t wait to go to the gym.” Although she would diet and on rare occasions do light exercise, she greatly disliked working out and never really saw the results that she was looking for. After introducing her to power sculpting and aerobics in a group exercise format, she fell in love with it and took off. She became one of the fittest ladies I know and even ran the 15k Tulsa Run. The key to her success was simple, she found something that she enjoyed. It made her feel good and therefore she was consistent. The bonus was that she lost weight, gained energy and self-esteem. It is such a joy to my heart to be able to introduce people to the fun of being fit!

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