Tracy Effinger

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Qualifications: BA in psychology from Princeton University. Certified by National Academy of Sports Medicine. Member of ACE.

Personal History: All of my life, I was a competitive athlete and team captain (14 varsity letters in high school) with a natural gift for inspiring others. I come from a long lineage of athletes, my mom being one of the best athletes I know. I attended Princeton University and was on a medical path when I was encouraged to act. I followed that path to Los Angeles. I booked a lot of jobs, but found it a little vacuous. To support myself, I reverted back to my athletic roots. Fifteen years ago, I began teaching my now popular Squeeze class. That class created a huge explosion of fitness success for me. This catapulted me on to the cover of Womens’ World as well as being featured in hundreds of magazines and TV appearances. When I was in a senior in high school, I suffered a severe ankle injury (11 screws and a 6-inch plate) that made me really understand a myriad of issues. Only recently have I recovered from a post-trauma arthritis that made walking difficult for me for almost two years. I was so depressed without exercise, but I learned how to relate to a lot of people I would not have known how to relate to.

Workout Philosophy: I believe that the only way we know we love ourselves and others is by the commitments we are willing to make and keep. I use training as an arena to practice this principle. I don't just teach my clients about exercise, I teach them how to achieve self-esteem through discipline and commitment, both in the gym and in their lives. Often, my students hear me say, "Squeeze the Muscle, Squeeze life!" I believe that if you are connected to yourself physically, if you are willing to go deep, it changes the way you relate to everything in your life.

Success Story: A few years ago, I was hired to teach for an infomercial control group of over 35 people. The job was for a buns and thigh product. It became very apparent that this product was highly flawed. The prototype, which all the students where using, actually cracked into two pieces upon its first use! So, I basically served by taking matters into my own hands and training the entire group without the product - my way. I taught class three times a week and coached everyone on clean eating as well as a cardio regime. Everyone in that group underwent a transformation - some who were in fairly good shape got into even better shape while some people had dramatic weight loss of over 25 pounds. I loved it, because I was training and leading a great deal of people at one time. At the end of the control group time period, people were crying and thanking me. I love the gift of working together to accomplish a goal.


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