Wendy Glenna

Wendy Glenna

Qualifications: Certified by ACE. Licensed Physical Education Teacher. BS in Kinesiology, Masters degree in Education.

Personal History: I have been a Physical Education teacher for the past twenty years. I have seen the changes in our children. Students do not get enough time to move and play. The No Child Left Behind Act was a serious blow to our students' activity levels. Schools gave away Physical Education and replaced it with time spent "learning how to take tests."

Workout Philosophy: I say, “Do not take away any more activity from our kids.” Sitting is to our spine what sugar is to our teeth. Students do not have to sit still to learn. Let’s figure out a way to incorporate movement into the classroom so that all students can succeed.

Sucess Story: I am a school teacher in Minneapolis, MN. Most of the classroom teachers in my building own and use my "Aerobic Exercise to Get the Mind Going" DVD. Students find me in the hall and tell me how much fun they had doing my workout. I can walk by classrooms on testing days and see my DVD being used. Teachers thank me and I feel fantastic knowing that I have helped these students get ready for these important tests.

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