30 Minutes to Fitness Value Bundle

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Instructor: Kelly Coffey-Meyer (Instructor Profile)
Runtime: 387 min.

Certified instructor description:

Save BIG with our newly bundled 30 Minutes to Fitness packaged deal. Although these DVDs are not new productions, they are for the first time bundled together. Grab them for a sweet discount!

Here's what's included:

30 Minutes to Fitness: Strength and Stamina with Kelly Coffey-Meyer (BAY2170): Kelly Coffey-Meyer’s 30 Minutes to Fitness "Strength & Stamina" includes two workouts that are designed in a new and energizing format. The only equipment needed for both full-body workouts are dumbbells and a kettlebell (a dumbbell can also be used as a substitute for a kettlebell, if needed). These one-of-a-kind workouts will increase your strength with dumbbells, slim down your waistline with kettlebell swings, and take you to a more advanced fitness level with its non-stop flow of various back-to-back exercises. This wonderfully unique format attacks every muscle group as it blasts away at calories to reveal a stronger, fitter YOU! 30 Minutes to Fitness "Strength & Stamina" is a no-nonsense, no frills, no stopping workout that will push you JUST hard enough to get you real results! Also included is a bonus step workout! Recommended dumbbell weight load: Advanced: 20 lbs and 15 lbs / 20 lb kettlebell. Intermediate: 15 lbs and 10 lbs / 15 lb kettlebell. Beginner: 7 lbs and 5 lbs (130 min.) Learn More

30 Minutes to Fitness: Start Here with Kelly Coffey-Meyer (BAY381): Two well-structured programs for anyone who's just starting to work out or who “fell off the fitness wagon.” Kelly combines easy-to-follow exercises with lots of intensity options and sincere encouragement (“just 30 minutes, you can do this”). The first program begins with a varied mix of athletic-style cardio favorites (always offering a “base” move if you get tired or distracted). That's followed by an aero/tone segment that builds muscle as it burns fat. The toning workout features alternating sets of proven body-sculpting classics (e.g. curls, lunges, push-ups). It starts with standing routines and ends with floorwork. Requires 2 to 5 lb. dumbbells. ©2011. (63 min.) Learn More

30 Minutes to Fitness: Your Healthy Back with Kelly Coffey-Meyer (BAY540): In addition to targeting your back, these exercises also strengthen your core, open your hips and improve your flexibility. They're designed to help you do everyday activities with comfort and confidence. Kelly's well-planned sequencing makes them easy. First, she includes lots of between-move stretches (e.g. a "superman," then a stretch, then a modified "superman"). Second, she maximizes results by combining complementary routines (e.g. pairing a pelvic tilt with a torso rotation to strengthen your back and loosen your hips at the same time). It's all taught in a straight-forward, "fitness style" manner — not dumbed down or "medical." Note: the second workout is re-edited from the first. ©2013. (43 min.) Learn More

30 Minutes to Fitness: Muscle Definition with Kelly Coffey-Meyer (BAY949): Both workouts include a mix of three toning styles: traditional, functional fitness and multi-muscle exercises. The blend of techniques adds interest while challenging your body in different ways (e.g. an arm-and-core functional fitness move that advances into a classic all-arm routine and ends with a hammer curl/squat compound exercise). In addition, many of the “traditional” exercises are intensified with subtle position and angle modifications. Straight-forward, coach-style cuing. Requires two sets of dumbbells (e.g. 3 and 10 lb.). (91 min.) Learn More

30 Minutes to Fitness: Cardio Pump with Kelly Coffey-Meyer (BAY2141): Cardio/Pump has 2 different 30 minute workouts. Workout One (Cardio) is a fun and energetic Boxing workout that burns mega calories to reveal a slimmer, sleeker you! Workout Two (Pump) is a weight lifting workout performed in a unique pyramid-style format. Pyramid Training has been proven time and time again to increase strength, enhance muscle definition, and boost metabolic rate. This total body workout is neither boring nor dread-invoking...its quick, its effective and its empowering! Pyramid training is ideal for all levels of fitness! Equipment Needed: Three Pairs of Dumbbells in different weights increments (e.g.: 20, 15 and 10 pound weights) (60 min.) Learn More

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