Pop Pilates Total Body Workout with Cassey Ho
Backcover Description: Cassey Ho, YouTube Fitness Star and certified instructor, will take you through the most intense...

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Cassey Ho, YouTube Fitness Star and certified instructor, will take you through the most intense Pilates mat routine you've never seen! This workout will tone every single muscle in your body while burning fat. Cassey’s innovative fusion of ab-tightening Pilates moves and brand new sculpting exercises will get you that strong, slim physique you've always wanted.

Pop Pilates Total Body Workout with Cassey Ho


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Level: Beg/Int/Adv

Beginner: Just starting out, very overweight or haven't exercised in over six months.

Intermediate: Active in sports, dance or any regular exercise (2 to 3 times per week).

Advanced: Very active in sports or consistently work out four or more times per week.

Aerobics Impact: Mixed

Lower Impact: Both feet never leave the ground at the same time. This minimizes stress on your knees.

Higher Impact: Includes movements like jumps, hops and skips. Very high-impact is called plyometrics.

Mixed Impact: This alternates or combines the above styles.

Aerobics Choreography: Basic

Basic: The easiest to follow. It ranges from simple walking-style marches to sports and athletic movements.

Complex: More intricate combinations and patterns. They're ideal for people who like to dance.

Moderate: More interesting than Basic, less dancy than Complex.

Toning Emphasis: Total Body

Upper body: Arms, chest and back.

Lower Body: Legs, thighs, hips and buttocks.

Abs: Abdominals (stomach), core and sometimes lower back.

Total body: Tones all three of the above muscle groups.

Instructor: Cassey Ho (Instructor Profile)
SKU: 05-60937
Runtime: 60 min.
Region: 0
Street Date: 2014

Certified instructor description:


Are you ready to sculpt your whole body lean while having fun? POP Pilates is the new, upbeat way to flatten your abs, lift your booty, tone up your thighs, and chisel those sleek arms you've always wanted. In this full 60 minute routine, Cassey Ho, YouTube Fitness Star and certified instructor, will take you through a total body POP Pilates mat workout that will leave you smiling...but sore the next day! It's just like being in a live class with Cassey motivating you through every move - pushing you to your best potential with her bubbly and inspirational personality.

Pop Pilates is a Pilates based workout that builds body strength and helps develop lean muscle mass. Both traditional and newer Pilates exercises are used to strengthen and tone the body. 2014 DVD release; Equipment Required: Mat.

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The instructor, Casey Ho, teaches the exercises on her own. This workout starts out right away; there is no specific warm-up. You begin with core and abdominal work in a seated position with legs moving in and out in straight and angled directions. A quick stretch follows in a straddle position. Pilates based moves then follow in seated and floor positions and address various body parts. Some of the exercises include: cheerleader L’s on the back into L crunches, eagle crunches with arms and legs twisted, double leg circles on the back, shoulder stands that move into leg raises in the same position, dancer’s sweep in a seated position, oblique crunches in tall kneeling, side leg circles in tall kneeling, chest press by squeezing palms together, cobra push-ups, glut raises in high plank, and single leg spidermans in high plank with one leg extending and then the other. There is no stretch to end the workout as Casey gives a specific stretch following each exercise that is done.

Some of the Pilates moves are very challenging and Casey encourages her intermediate level exercisers to move up and embrace the challenge. Casey incorporates breath into the moves to help build strength and control. The DVD has a beginner workout option as well as an ‘Interactive Exercise Library’ that lets you pick pre-mixes that focus on various body parts including: arms/upper body, legs/thighs, total body, core, lower abs, obliques/muffin tops, and butt.

Buyer’s Guide:
Pop Pilates is a whole body workout that uses Pilates principles to improve strength and flexibility. This is a tough workout; I felt like I had worked every inch of my body when I was done. There is a variety of exercises and all are done for multiple repetitions. Casey has good form and flexibility. She does give a few modifications throughout the workout for more difficult moves, but not very many. Casey is friendly throughout the workout and functions like your own personal cheerleader, even claiming she wants to be ‘like your BFF’. She is definitely a girly girl with a very sweet and high pitched voice. Her voice goes higher during more difficult moves and this was initially distracting for me until I could tune it out a bit. While I am sure she means to be encouraging, her personality in the workout is somewhat over the top for me as . I happen to prefer a more ‘no-nonsense’ approach. But, as I stated, she is very good at what she teaches and I was humbled more than once when I realized how much more flexibility work I clearly need to do. I like the way the pre-mixes are organized and how they allow you to select by body part.

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