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Backcover Description: Box with a champion as your guide! Olympic bronze medalist Marlen Esparza is passionate about...

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Box with a champion as your guide! Olympic bronze medalist Marlen Esparza is passionate about the benefits of boxing. This empowering sport gives you strength, agility, cardio fitness, and mental toughness – not to mention a lean, toned, and fit physique.

Designed with the help of her trainer, Mike Bazzel, Power Boxing Workout uses the same moves that get Marlen into shape for international and American competitions. This complete boxing regimen will work your entire body as you go from warm-up to core exercises, legwork to upper body, and then combine the moves for a genuine boxing experience. You’ll learn how to throw punches and do combinations correctly, how to utilize your legs to give you fighting power, and how to build a strong core the right way.

With an emphasis on proper technique and form, these four exciting , high-intensity cardio and strength workouts will get you fired up and feeling like a champ!

BONUS Boxing 101 Tutorial and Box with Marlen

Marlen Esparaza is America’s first woman medalist in Olympic boxing. Ranked #1 in the United States, she has been boxing since age 11 and has won seven consecutive U.S. national Championships. She is currently training for the Rio summer Olympic Games in 2016.

Power Boxing Workout with Marlen Esparza

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Level: Begin/Inter

Beginner: Just starting out, very overweight or haven't exercised in over six months.

Intermediate: Active in sports, dance or any regular exercise (2 to 3 times per week).

Advanced: Very active in sports or consistently work out four or more times per week.

Aerobics Impact: Lower

Lower Impact: Both feet never leave the ground at the same time. This minimizes stress on your knees.

Higher Impact: Includes movements like jumps, hops and skips. Very high-impact is called plyometrics.

Mixed Impact: This alternates or combines the above styles.

Aerobics Choreography: Basic

Basic: The easiest to follow. It ranges from simple walking-style marches to sports and athletic movements.

Complex: More intricate combinations and patterns. They're ideal for people who like to dance.

Moderate: More interesting than Basic, less dancy than Complex.

Toning Emphasis: Total Body

Upper body: Arms, chest and back.

Lower Body: Legs, thighs, hips and buttocks.

Abs: Abdominals (stomach), core and sometimes lower back.

Total body: Tones all three of the above muscle groups.

Instructor: Marlen Esparza (Instructor Profile)
SKU: 6477
Runtime: 56 min.
Region: 0
Street Date: 12/05/2013

Certified instructor description:

A real boxers' workout led by a real boxer — Marlen Esparza, a USA Olympic medalist. It's all designed to build strength, stamina and agility. The warm-up is a straight-forward preview of the upcoming exercises. Then it's down on the floor for traditional abwork ("because boxers need a strong core"). That's followed by a lower-body sequence that emphasizes squats and lunges. Then it's an upper-body segment with lots of jabs, punches and hooks (at cardio speed, often intensified with light weights). Finally, you'll incorporate all the earlier moves in a boxer-style aerobic section. Requires 1 to 3 lb. dumbbells. ©2013.

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