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Instructor: Jody Hendrix

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Resistance Interval Plyometric Training

RIPT90 FIT is a 90-day intense at home fitness program created to get results by scorching fat and building strength and muscle mass in 30 minutes or less a day. Master Trainer Jody Hendrix designed each of the workouts to give you everything you need to reach your fitness goals in 12 workouts.  Maximize your results in 30 minutes a day by burning calories and challenging the body in each of the unique workouts provided. There is no need for expensive gym membership, or a ton of equipment.  RIPT90 FIT delivers muscle sculpting, fat burning, and strength and flexibility workouts to get your body strong and defined in just 90 days.

RIPT90 FIT Includes:

  • 12 workouts on 12 DVDs
  • Meal Plan
  • Training Guide
  • 90-Day Training Calendar
  • Workout Training Book
  • Stretch DVD

Equipment Needs: A light, medium and heavy set of dumbbells or bands

12 workouts on 12 DVDs

Abs (17 Min) Torch those abs and work on getting a sexy 6-pack by building strength while tightening the abdominal wall in this challenging, low impact workout 
Abs & Legs (21 Min) An intense abdominal and leg workout that creates muscular definition and stamina throughout while scorching serious calories and adding serious strength in the lower body and abs
Arms & Shoulders (28 Min) Increase power, strength and definition in the arms and shoulders with resistance training for the biceps, triceps & shoulders
Back & Quads (28 Min) Scorch fat, increase metabolism and build serious strength and definition in the largest muscles in the body
Back & Shoulders (21 Min) Strict muscle movements to tone and strengthen the upper body, resulting in the definition you desire in the back and shoulders
Body Fat Breakdown (28 Min) A workout that will builds stamina, power and endurance throughout the entire body to create strength and deliver results
Chest & Arms (29 Min) Sculpt and build strength and muscle mass in the arms and chest with this challenging upper body workout 
Hard Core Chest (34 Min) This is not your standard Pilates workout.  You will create stabilization, core strength and definition and muscular development in the core and chest 
Legs & Glutes (25 Min) This lower body resistance workout, with fat shredding supersets at the end will increase muscular strength and ignite your metabolism
Lung Burner (26 Min) A challenging total body pyramid workout with resistance plus cardio interval movements that increase strength, speed and power
More Metabolic Mania (30 Min) Gain endurance, increase the heart rate and maximize results in this full body workout that incinerates fat
Minute by Minute Redux (28 Min) The program’s benchmark workout that challenges the entire body with a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) like workout that combines cardio and strength moves


Training Guide: Learn everything you need to know about the RIPT90 FIT program and its workouts in this helpful guide.  The pointers and tracking log sheets included in this guide will help you get the best results.


Nutrition Guide The most important aspect of any fitness program is the nutrition. We take out the guesswork on what to eat and provide a complete, easy-to-follow, comprehensive meal plan with healthy eating recipes to help you plan your individual meals. With over 35 recipes, you will eat an assortment of nutritious meals that keep you feeling full while nourishing the body to get the best results.


90 Day Training Calendar: Stay motivated and track your progress as you melt fat and build muscle with the wall calendar that tells you what workouts to do throughout the 90 days

Workout Tracker: Keep track of your progress and gains with this 90 day tracker that allows you to log what weights you use for each exercise and how many reps you were able to accomplish

STRETCH DVD: Included to aid in recovery and help prevent injury


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