Star Trainers: Ab Blast - Collage Video
Backcover Description: Shrink the midsection and sculpt sleek, sexy abs! Welcome to ExerciseTV Star Trainers! You are...

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Shrink the midsection and sculpt sleek, sexy abs! Welcome to ExerciseTV Star Trainers! You are now on your way to achieving the body you’ve always desired. Unlike anything you’ve tried before, this program combines the diverse an innovative techniques of five expert trainers whose cutting-edge workouts produce unbelievable results!

This fun and challenging ab series is specifically designed to blast your core with defining movements that will shrink your midsection and help you sculpt, a sexy six-pack. With five fresh approaches to abdominal training, and five inspiring personalities to keep you going, you’ll burn fat, trim inches and see Abmazing results in no time!

Five Complete 10-Minute Workouts: ( 1) Absolutely Beautiful. (2) Absession. (3) Expresso Abs. (4) Core Blast. (5) Peak Performance Abs.

Star Trainers: Ab Blast

Collage Video

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Runtime: 52 min.
Region: 1
Street Date: 12/01/2007

Certified instructor description:

Five different ways to tone your abs -- and back -- in just 10 minutes. Each workout features a different “star” instructor teaching their favorite routines (proven, no-nonsense exericses). Their technique and cuing is superb -- Rob Glick, Gay Gasper, Violet Zaki, Kimberly Spreen and Kendell Hogan have over 50 years of teaching experience. The exercises range rom gym-style crunches and bicycles to Pilates-type planks and roll-ups (plus some innovative standing routines, like “standing lunges with a rotation”). But even the same move seems new when it's demonstrated by a different personality using a different variation (e.g. standard ab crunches, pulsed crunches, straight-leg ab crunches). 3 to 5 lb. dumbbells are optional in Kendell's segment. ©2007.


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