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Phil Ross, AKA Master Phil and The Kettlebell King is a Master Kettlebell Instructor, College Professor in Wellness and Exercise, has a Masters Degree in Sports and Health Sciences is a 9th Degree Black Belt, a Master Bladewielder and Bodyweight Specialist:

A Fitness Enthusiast and Combat Arts Competitor ever since the mid-70’s; Master Phil, as the Owner/Operator of American Eagle MMA & Kettlebells, has been instructing others in his trade for more than a quarter century. He is a National Champion and place winner (NAGA, AAU, ABA, WAKO) in several combat disciplines of both the striking and grappling arts as well as an amateur champion body builder and power lifter (Totalled 1400lbs. in three lifts at a weight of 179.9lbs). In addition to his numerous personal state and national titles, he has coached and trained a multitude of champions that compete in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), Martial Arts, Wrestling, Triathlons, Baseball, Basketball, Lacrosse, Football, Volleyball and Track and Field. He has also trained the US Special Ops members and a great deal of Law Enforcement personnel form local Police Officers to the Federal Marshals and the DEA. His accomplishments have earned him the Honour of being inducted to the Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Master Phil has appeared on History’s Knife or Death and Forged in Fire as well as numerous television commercials. He was used in the commercials and promos for Season 2, a select Bladewielder on the Bladesgiving Marathon, was a featured competitor on Season 2 of KOD as well as a Knife Expert on the Trusted Butcher Chef Knife and the spokesperson on the Commando Light infomercials.   

A staunch proponent of the RKC Hard Style Kettlebell Training System, Phil operates his S.W.A.T. Kettlebell based training daily at his facility and provides offsite workshops, seminars and certifications. In addition to his studio and workshops he also developed the Survival Strong Self Defense and Bodyweight System based his Top Rated S.A.V.E.™ Video Series, released a Kettlebell Video, an online Kettlebell Training Program and has appeared in several commercials and print publications. In 2013 he was featured in 3 issues of FIGHT! Magazine’s Strength and Conditioning section. He was also 12 Presenters for the 2015 Health and Strength Conference.

In late 2014, the Kettlebell Workout Library was released. The Video, complete with a user’s manual will consists of 104 Kettlebell based workouts including Bodyweight and Dynamic Tension. It’s available in both DVD format and in an online version. 

Master Phil has recently launched his BodyBell Method kettlebell, bodyweight strength and dynamic tension certification course. The certification is recognized by the highly regarded ACE (American Council of Exercise) personal and group training certification organization and is listed under American Eagle MMA & Kettlebells on the ACE site.

He has authored two books, Ferocious Fitness and Survival Strong. Ferocious Fitness is designed as a guide for kettlebell and bodyweight training for combat athletes and martial artists. Survival Strong is complete manual on bodyweight strength and street survival. The 24 chapters delve into the physiological, mental and situational aspects of how to prepare to survive a multitude of violent encounters. 


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