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Qualifications: Certified Yoga Instructor for over 20 years, Sarah Starr is the host and co creator of internationally syndicated TV program Happy Yoga with Sarah Starr, having created over 100 episodes to date. Happy Yoga with Sarah Starr has aired on ION Life Network, The Live Well Network and currently airs nationally on Public Television.

Personal History: I've always been a workout enthusiast growing up. I loved watching my favorite workout shows every day on TV, from BodyShaping, Getting Fit with Denise Austin and the 20 Minute Workout. When I was 17 years old, I received my first gym membership at the local Gold's Gym and I was officially a "gym rat" loving the gym life. I had not tried yoga until I was almost 30 years old. I began my yoga journey seeking solace and peace from my restless mind, trying my first yoga DVD in hopes of a night’s sleep. This is where my life begins, again. I open to the possibility of living my dream life. I considered the question, “What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?” I took a chance and quit a 20-year career of managing my own salon business and began to teach yoga full time. With my student’s request and my husband’s support we created our first yoga DVD. With a passion to share what we loved and without a clue to what we were doing, we met every TV station in town to sell our show as a TV program. Helpful suggestions from one TV station gave us a crash course on how to structure a TV show. We applied what we learned and my husband eventually taught me to edit the entire show. My desire to expand opened my mind to the next step, syndication. “Yoga In Wisconsin” eventually became the internationally syndicated TV program, “Happy Yoga with Sarah Starr.”

Workout Philosophy: Yoga is for everybody and I encourage people to just do their best in this moment. It's not about standing on your hands or getting your foot behind your head, it's about feeling good and creating optimal health starting with where you are right now.

Success Story: I am always delighted and honored to receive the wonderful testimonies from viewers who never thought they could do yoga or have given up on their yoga practice. I’ve received feedback from viewers with arthritis & osteoporosis, experienced yoga practitioners to former marines!

"If you want to try yoga using a chair ~ Happy Yoga with Sarah Starr is the one to try. You will not be disappointed. You will feel relaxed, at peace, energy ~ it's the perfect way to start your day ~ and perfect anytime of the day. At 60 years old I have arthritis and osteoporosis and her dvd's help me with the stiffness and pain. Doing her DVD’s in the morning helps me throughout the day. I highly recommend any of Sarah Starr's Chair Yoga.”

"I have practiced Yoga for more than 40 years but your show has inspired me to do your yoga routines daily! I now have a normal blood pressure reading since i started your routines and no longer go to the chiropractor. My body is breathing strong and free . Thank you Sarah, for your beautiful, inspiring yoga practice. "

"Due to years of marine abuse of my body, I was ready to give up skydiving at my age but started watching your TV show and started yoga. I am nowhere near what other people can do who do yoga, but I started skydiving, and no more pain where I was dealing with it. Thank you so much! Ps. I was an F18 pilot and my body took a beating, plus all the other physical things. It’s helped where nothing else would. Thank you for giving some of my life back!”

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