Anna-Rita Sloss

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Qualifications: Creator of HOT HULA fitness® and HOT FUSION®

Personal History: Born to Western Samoans living in Auckland, New Zealand, I grew up in a Fa'a Samoan (traditional) family that values family life, religion, food, Polynesian culture and athletics.  I grew up very athletic playing netball and running track.

Married in 1990, I moved to the United States living in California and New York.  After having two children, born in 1993 and 1996, continual travel and the lack of exercise, I gained weight with my heaviest at 210 lbs.  I decided to regain my self-confidence and return into the gym to take my life back.

Returning to the gym, and with help from my mentor, Chalene Johnson, creator of Turbo Kick, I lost 75 pounds and totally changed my life. I made a commitment to live a healthier lifestyle.  With this new found body and mindset, I started teaching fitness and soon became a successful Master Trainer for Turbo Kick.  Over the years I appeared in many videos and infomercials, and was later encouraged by my mentor and friends to create my own formats.

Recognizing the need to create a unique program that represented my culture, I created HOT HULA fitness®, a Polynesian based workout in 2009.  I choreographed different movements from the Islands of the Pacific into a dance routine where the actual choreography was broken down to the Polynesian drumbeats. Incorporating my fitness background and roots, this non-stop one hour class became an instant hit!  HOT HULA fitness® has been featured on several television shows including “America's Next Top Model”.  I am so proud of HOT HULA fitness® and the positive change it has made on so many individual’s lives.

In 2011, I developed HOT FUSION®.  This “OL'SKOOL GROOVES with NEW'SKOOL Moves” class is a combination of New Skool Dance (The Troupe, Tootsie Roll) and resistance training, set to Ol’Skool tunes. HOT FUSION® fuses cardio and sculpting, taking your fitness to a whole new level, while having fun, enjoying music and feeling like a confident dancer.

My greatest accomplishments are my children. My daughter, Morgan is a beautiful young lady who is hard working and bright.  My son, Brandon is a dedicated athlete and talented football player who bounced back from a serious injury, proving that hard work and passion can conquer anything.  With my hectic schedule, it is my greatest joy to spend as much time as possible with my kids and family.


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