Cindy Whitmarsh

Qualifications: Corporate and Community Fitness/Nutrition degree from NDSU, certified by ACE in Group Exercise, Life Style and Weight Management, National Association of Sports Nutrition- Certified Sports Nutritionist, Bosu and Cycle Reebok

Personal History: Growing up I played sports (basketball, volleyball, ran track and was a cheerleader, so I decided to dedicate my life in fitness! It kept me out of trouble and I think its important for kids to play a team sport at some point in their lives! I graduated from NDSU and moved to SD to pursue my dream as a trainer/instructor in fitness. I was 40 pounds overweight and got slapped in the face by living in the meca of health and fitness in Ca and decided to practice what I preached to my clients and lost the weight. I know whats its like to feel depressed about my weight, I know how it feels to feel embarrassed about my looks so I can relate to my clients easy! I taught 3 classes a day, personal trained 6-8 clients a day, then became manager of Frogs Health club and from there they asked me to run my nutrition business out of all their clubs! My business took off big, I started doing nutrition for professional athletes and started my inhome food business called Ultrafit On the Go! After that I started in the video world as back up for Tamilee Webb and then was asked to star in my own dvds! I then got hired by Exercise Tv as a trainer/instructor/dvd star and worked for them and Body by Jake for years before they dissolved. I was running crazy doing infomercials, QVC, fitness reality shows for the Style network etc and then my husband passed away. This is when I decided to cut back on work and focus on my girls. Some people may say I just went away but it was the best decision of my life! My girls are happy and content and thriving! I met my new husband Mark Sweeney and we now have Gavin who is 2.

My passion is fitness! My love is helping people reach their level of fitness. This is what drives me to continue with my fitness business! My fans are the driving force to my new dvds and I am so grateful they are embracing them with open arms! It take a lot to create your own dvds from start to finish and I am proud of the the end product! Thank you fans for always standing by me through all the tough times in my life and now in a happy place in my life! I love you all!


Workout Philosophy: I don’t care how old you are! 3 or 80! You need to workout! Exercise is the way to a happy and healthy life! It doesn’t have to be crazy 2 hour workouts just being active is important and parents need to set examples for their kids! I design my workouts with interval training intervals for the most part! I also believe in cross training your workouts! I don’t think you need to workout for 2 hours, I like to maximize the workouts so you don’t have to spend hours working out! Nutrition is 70% of how your body looks and feels so I always have a nutrition element with my workouts to get maximum results for my clients! If you go to my website you will see menu plans, recipes, nutrition guidance and my blog give all kinds of nutrition tips too! I motivate people by making working out fun! I motivate not punish people for not being good enough! I teach my clients how to get the fastest results and praise them as they reach their goals! Everyone makes mistakes, we have all been there, but I don’t believe in being a victim! Take charge of your life and you will succeed!

Success Story: Haniya Khan is 5’2" and went from 186 lbs to 105 lbs. She says: "I wish there was a way I could thank you for what you did for me! You don’t even know but your workouts changed my life! I just turned 30 this year and I wear outfits that I wore when I was 18."

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