Keli Roberts

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Qualifications: Certified by ACSM HFI, ACE Gold Personal trainer, ACE group fitness, and AFAA. 2003 IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year. 3 Star IDEA International Presenter. 2007 Inductee into the National Fitness Hall of Fame.

Personal History: I was originally a successful high fashion model in Australia and Europe. By the time I was 23, I gave up modeling, because of the unhealthy lifestyle it promoted and moved back home to Sydney. After a year of being home, I found myself getting back to swimming and biking - two of my childhood passions. I was drawn back to the world of fitness and, soon after starting back, I became the head instructor at one of Sydney's top gyms. In 1989, I moved to Los Angeles and soon became a personal trainer of such stars as Cher, Kirstie Alley, Jennifer Grey, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Faye Dunaway. Currently, I am involved with coaching triathletes, pre- and post-natal clients, physical rehabilitation, stability training for alignment and posture, circuit training, weight loss, and stretching. I enjoy Cyclocross racing, mountain biking, and road biking racing. I currently live with my boyfriend, our two dogs, Rocket and Bubba, and our two tortoises, Spike and Butch.

Workout Philosophy: It's not what you do; it's how you do it! I believe it's essential to perform your workout with perfect technique; this way you are much less likely to get injured and each exercise will then be more effective.

Success Story: Libby from Pasadena, California. Libby is now almost at her goal weight after 12 weeks of training and having lost 10 pounds. Libby has had some serious physical issues to contend with and yet has continued to improve her strength, flexibility, and stamina. While the weight loss may not seem like much, what impresses me the most is how much Libby has improved the way she moves and functions in her daily life. Training with me has not only changed her body, but also her balance, stability, posture...and, most of all, her confidence.

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