Lisa Kay

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Qualifications: Certified by AFAA. Also, a 'Firm Certified' Master Instructor.

Personal History: I grew up in the south, eating southern cuisine - otherwise known as fried everything! My body type was small-framed and extremely thin. Weight was in no way an issue for me, even though I ate whatever I wanted. Consequently, I never felt the need for fitness or exercise. Though I don't recall her ever having a weight issue, my mother was a very health-conscious person. I remember her working out in the house with Jane Fonda videos and making us eat healthy meals - I swear she was the first person in North Carolina to make her family eat tofu. In my high school years, my mother would make me join her in Jazzercise classes. It was a challenge for me to even finish the class! I was really in poor shape; however, I still didn't make exercise a priority in my life. My theory was "Why would I spend time exercising - I didn't need to lose weight?" Time goes by and, my, how things change. I got married, spent my days working behind a desk, and had 2 babies within three years - Now, weight had become an issue in my life! Like my mother many years before me, I started with an at-home workout program - in this case, The Firm. In addition, I began making my family indulge in healthy eating habits. The Firm workouts were challenging, but fun and, within a short time, gave me great results. Luckily enough, I happen to live in Columbia, South Carolina - home of The Firm Studio. So, I decided to venture to the studio for some "real" classes. It didn't take me long to understand that the results achieved from exercise were more than physical - I had more energy, I was more pleasant to be around, and I felt 10 years younger. Within 9 months of joining The FIRM, I became a FIRM instructor!

Workout Philosophy: I believe that every person is capable of feeling good about themselves and that there is a healthy way to achieve that state of mind. I encourage people to take just a few minutes everyday for themselves - it's well-deserved! Whether it's working out, meditating, or sitting quietly reading a book, find a way to escape the hustle bustle of life and focus on something good for you. You'll be happier, feel healthier, and have more self-confidence.

Success Story: Sandra wrote that her family life was full of problems. Every day was consumed with resolving one crisis after another. She was miserable, overweight and constantly tired. This downward cycle led her to find her comfort and happiness in food. In her letter, she recalled how she saw The Firm infomercial and was so moved by my success story that she ordered videos. She reported to me that, in a short period of time, she had lost 15 pounds. Her energy level was sky-high and she, once again, felt like she had a reason to enjoy life. Though she still struggles with the same circumstances in her life, Sandra has never looked back and faces each day with a new resolve. I'm so proud of the success she has seen, the pride she has taken in improving her quality of life, and I'm honored that, in a small way, I helped her in her journey.

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