Mike Chang

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Qualifications: Fitness Instructor and YouTube trainer. 

Personal History: It humbles me to know that I have so many fans out there that believe in me and utilize me as an inspiration for their fitness goals. It’s unbelievable, just to think only a few years ago, I myself was still struggling with my own fitness goals and didn’t know where to turn to. I still remember sitting in front of my computer for hours and hours trying to find the answers to a ripped body. Burned out and tired from so many fail attempts, it was that very night I decided to put all my much-collected research together and formulate a fitness program for myself focusing on the Afterburn Effect.

After seeing the success that I’ve gotten on my own body, I decided to share it with all my willing friends and family. I want to thank them now for being my test dummies, but it was really awesome to see people close to me transform their bodies, improve personal health, and most of all really living to the fullest for the first time in their lives.

With the word of my fitness program spreading, more and more request for my fitness guidance was in demand. I was so excited to see how my little home made program was helping so many people in my nearby community, I started think, “Wow, how could I do even more? How can I reach out to the masses and get everyone fit?” Then it hit me, YouTube!

To be honest, YouTube was something totally foreign to me. But I did know one thing though. I knew I had to communicate two important messages across; this is something you can do anywhere without tons of equipment, and this is something you could do at any fitness level. With that mission and goal in mind, I set off to create my first video at my living room back in Houston,TX and the rest is history.

Today we are the most subscribed YouTube fitness channel with over 2.5 Million+ subscribers. Our videos have over 232 Million+ views and it’s all thanks to you and everyone’s love for health and physical fitness.

I want to thank everyone again for welcoming me into your life and letting me continue to help drive and inspire you in the great world of health and fitness.

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