Sadie Lincoln

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Qualifications: Certified Personal Trainer from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Group Exercise Certified-AFAA, Certified Yoga Teacher-Yoga Works, I ran UCLA’s group exercise instructor training program and developed the group exercise program for the College of William and Mary, where I got my Masters in Education. Founding the barre3 fitness system and certification program

Personal History: I grew up in a small town, got a great education and married the man of my dreams – and if that were the end of the story, it would be a beautiful story. But after getting my Master's degree I joined the executive team at 24 Hour Fitness, where I spent 10 years creating original fitness classes that helped people all over the globe get amazing results. When I met my husband Chris and we started a family, I realized I wanted more balance in my life, to stop keeping up with the Joneses and start keeping up with myself. So we moved to Portland, Oregon for a fresh start – that’s where barre3 was born. I took inspiration from my three favorite disciplines, combining the core strength of Pilates, the grace of ballet and the wisdom of yoga to create an innovative fitness system that lifts and shapes the entire body. Now we have over 50 barre3 studios worldwide, 300 certified barre3 instructors, barre3 Online Workouts streaming into 60 countries, an awesome DVD series, and even a mobile app with healthy recipes, shopping lists and 10-minute workouts you can do anywhere, anytime. I’m extremely grateful to do what I love, and get to share my ideas with media like Self, Fitness, InStyle and Dr. Oz, as well as hundreds of thousands of barre3 practitioners.

Workout Philosophy: The best kind of exercise doesn’t just transform your body, it transforms your life. It gets the results you always dreamed of, and more than that, helps you feel your happiest and healthiest. That’s what this is all about: living your best life. Without pain or chronic illness. With energy, confidence, fluidity and grace. I help people find balance, not just against my beloved ballet barre, but by making fitness totally doable for everyone from busy moms to celebrities to triathletes. You can break up your workouts to 10 minutes at a time, anywhere from the kitchen counter to the park bench – every second is designed to be highly efficient and highly effective. Barre3 is 20 years in the making, with a unique 3-step sequence of isometric holds and small range motions, low impact cardio and seamless recovery stretches to create long, lean lines on the body. When exercise fits so naturally into your life, and you love your results and the feeling it gives, working out will never be a chore again.

Success Story: Annie from Vancouver, WA is one of my favorite success stories, she has transformed her whole lifestyle. Not just “habits,” but real healthy preferences. In 22 months, she lost 75 lbs and 40 inches and is more fit than she has ever been, even weighing less than she did in high school. She went from a size 20 to an 8, her chronic back pain has been gone for over a year and she’s no longer at risk for diabetes. At age 30, this gal’s got energy and confidence like she’s never felt before – her goal next summer is to wear a bikini!

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