Sandra Hanna

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Qualifications: Certified Callanetics Instructor.

Personal History: Sandra was introduced to the Callanetics Program after the birth of her second son in 1987.  After finding Callan Pinckney’s first book, 10 Years Younger in 10 Hours, in a local bookstore she knew instinctively she had found the exercise program that would restore her body to it’s youthful shape.

Sandra studied each exercise in the book to master the tiny movements and to her delight she found that her body responded beautifully to the exercises.  As she watched with pure amazement at her body changing shape she also noticed other side effects that were equally exciting.  Sandra has Scoliosis and back and hip pain was something that had plagued her most of her life.   A horse riding accident had left her with neck pain and so, she was extremely delighted to find that pain in these areas were diminishing very quickly.  It was the start of an ongoing love affair with Callan Pinckney’s dynamic exercise program.

In 2001 Sandra flew to Chicago to certify as a Callanetics Teacher. Over the following few months she made several trips to attend trainings and Refreshers and work alongside some of Callan’s most respected Instructors. She opened her Gold Coast Callanetics Studio in June 2001 teaching up to eight students in each class. What Sandra loves the most about teaching is the hands-on, working alongside, each student and encouraging them to embrace their uniqueness rather than compare themselves to others.

Sandra was approached by Callanetics Management Company to audition to star as the Lead Instructor in upcoming DVDs to bring the Callanetics Method up to date and introduce it to a younger generation.  She was fortunate to have been selected and in October 2006 CallaneticsEvolution was filmed.

Over the past decade Sandra has been studying other modalities to introduce to her classes.  She loves teaching exercises that involve full sensory awareness initiating a full mind-body connection and Callanetics fits in perfectly with this concept.   Her classes now consist of a hybrid of Callanetics, Feldenkrais and restorative exercises.

Sandra’s passion for Callanetics grows along with all methods that embrace  a movement with awareness attitude.  Her primary focus, at this stage of her studies, being sensory-motor amnesia – how it is a learned response and teaching and empowering others with the knowledge that anything learned can most definitely be unlearned.

In 2008 Sandra’s eldest boy introduced her to a very special young lady, Adelaide Meyjes-Brown.   Less than a year later Michael and Adelaide married.  Sandra and Adelaide hit it off immediately on many levels and when Adelaide decided to sample a Callanetics class she was immediately hooked and commenced study of the Callanetics Method working alongside Sandra in her classes until her certification in 2010.  At last Sandra had someone to share her passion with and they have spent many hours planning how to take Callanetics further and work with people online and help them achieve their own personal goals.

They’re combined mantra is to empower men and women of all ages and both firmly believe that we can reverse the effects of aging and remain youthful, full of vitality and know how to free ourselves from pain.

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