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Qualifications: B.A. in Exercise Science from the University of South Carolina. Certified personal trainer by NASM.

Personal History: I was always athletic as a child. I was the kid who came home at dinner, dirty from head to toe and didn't want to take a bath. I was always running, jumping, climbing, etc. As a teen, I was into a variety of sports - gymnastics, softball, swimming, track, and I also played piano (my love for music). When I left home for college, I became sedentary. My father, a former college-level athlete, noticed I wasn't as active and had begun dieting. On a visit home over Christmas break, he lectured me about the dangers of dieting and took me for a run around the neighborhood. That started my love for running and an interest in nutrition. When I returned to school after the holiday break, I discovered The Firm and began working out and eventually teaching there. My love for running grew. My most recent accomplishments, athletically speaking, have been completing the Chicago Marathon. I have a great husband and two wonderful daughters.

Workout Philosophy: A balanced training program is key. Cardio/strength/flexibility. But, I also think it's critical to find something that allows you to get into a good mental place - mind/body. Overtraining - too much of a good thing is NOT a good thing - can not only hinder weight loss, but can set you up for a lot of trouble as you get older. I would say moderation and recovery are too-often overlooked concepts when it comes to exercise.

Success Story: This is a note from a breast cancer survivor: "I am long time FIRM user. Tracie Long has been an inspiration over the years. You will get a chuckle when you hear that my oncologist today said that I'm the poster girl for exercise among us cancer patients! He said I'm good for another 50,000 miles, give or take an oil change. He was mightily impressed. His wife is a physical therapist and he inquired about my regimen rather specifically and I had to tell him about your DVDs. He was then exceedingly impressed. This is all to the good as my breast surgeon has begun a peer-to-peer counseling program that I hope to become involved with - my cancer experience has been really positive and there are so many women who need encouragement and support. And they need to see you can look wonderful, feel good, and be healthy. Exercise is the most proactive thing I think I've done and something my oncologist has been trying to convince people about." 

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