Absolute Beginners: Cardio Dance Interval + Step & Dance Aerobics with Nekea Brown + Weight Training with Jules Benson & Phil Ross + Amy Bento's Kettlebell 3-in-1 + Angie Miller Cardio & Strength Training

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Cardio Dance Interval

A basic aero/tone interval program that burns fat and tones your muscles. It's designed for exercise novices with simple moves and an easy-to-modify format (e.g. all of the nine intervals have an explicit “end,” so you can stop whenever it feels right to you). For easy learning, each cardio segment uses just one aerobic style. They range from familiar step touches, grapevines and marches to moves with a “lite” salsa, Bhangra or bellydance flavor. The toning sections also utilize just one exercise (e.g. squats in one interval, bicep curls in the next). Pam Cosmi's beginner-oriented cuing is ideal — clear and informative with no distracting chatter. Requires an X-ertube. 

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Step & Dance Aerobics with Nekea Brown

The Absolute Beginners Step & Dance Aerobics workout program is designed to help the exerciser that is just starting out. The detailed Tutorial segment will teach you step and dance terminology and how to effectively perform all of the basic moves for your session. Instructor Nekea Brown's cueing is precise and her warm personality will encourage and motivate you.

The DVD offers two full length fun workouts that will hold the interest and truly challenge the beginner exerciser. Nekea starts off with a Latin Dance Workout, pulling together her favorite Latin dance moves to keep you moving and grooving. The Step Segment that follows offers a fat-burning aerobics routine with a stretch segment at the end to complete your workout. Do the workouts separately or take the true challenge and do both workouts together for an enjoyable fat-blasting cardio hour that will soon get you into fantastic shape.

Who says fitness and fun can't go together? Designed specifically for those just starting out with exercise programs - but suitable for all fitness levels - the Absolute Beginners Fitness series contains clear and precise instruction for safe, yet effective, workouts. Utilizing top instructors and proven methods, the Absolute Beginners Fitness series of DVDs are the best way to begin a lifetime of fitness and health.

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Weight Training with Jules Benson & Phil Ross

An introduction to full body weight training for the beginning exerciser. This workout has three separate training type segments: singular exercise focus, supersets and triple sets, and circuit training. During the tutorial the instructors, Jules Benson and Phil Ross, explain and demonstrate each exercise to aid beginning home exercisers in learning safe and proper form for weight training.

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Amy Bento's Kettlebell 3-in-1

A superb introduction to kettlebells, it focuses on form and technique (the keys to safe, effective kettlebell exercises). Amy starts with a 10-minute tutorial that shows the basic motions while also teaching the terminology (e.g. “what's the crush and rack position?”). The first workout uses these motions in an easy-to-follow, beginner-level program. The second workout features multi-move combos and aero/tone intervals (non-kettlebell cardio segments alternated with the kettlebell toning exercises). While it's designed “for absolute beginners,” this workout's intensity could easily be increased with a heavier kettlebell.

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Angie Miller Cardio & Strength Training

Straight-forward and fun. It's just easy-to-follow aerobics and seniors-specific muscle toning. This is an effective way to burn calories, strengthen muscles and improve balance. The cardio section raises your heart rate with simple combos of familiar steps (e.g. marches, step touches, hamstring curls and mambos).

The toning section uses both standing and seated-in-a-chair exercises. It begins with the larger body areas and then proceeds to the smaller muscle groups (including the often-neglected stabilizers). Lots of level options. Angie Miller's cuing is helpful and encouraging ("everyone is different, go at your own pace"). Has an energetic class of 68 to 75-year-old exercisers.

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