Osteoporosis Treatment Tips

by Suzanne Andrews

3 Must Read Tips for Osteoporosis Treatment

After 50, 30% of all women get osteoporosis and 40% get fractures: some of which are life threatening so it's important for you to know what you can do about it.   

  1. There is a myth that lifting weights is dangerous for people with osteoporosis. Incorrect.  Using hand weights and leg weights strengthens your bones and your muscles and that is why we use them in therapy.  It's best to start out with light weights and progress as you regain strength. How you lift the weights is also very important. I see 99% of people lifting weights wrong at the gym. Don't lift them fast. Take your time as you lift and lower for best results. It's also important to be guided by a trained expert in osteoporosis contraindications. (Contraindications means things you should not do).   
  1. We've all heard to take calcium for stronger bones, but what most don't know is that calcium needs to be taken twice a day as the body can only absorb 500 mg at once. Also need to take vitamin D as many people in this age group are deficient. 
  1. Ask your doctor to do a bone density test to see what your bone density is and a blood test to see if you're low in vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency is correctable and you'll feel so much better.  

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Wishing you the very best of health this New Year!

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