How to Eat an Avocado Seed for Weight Loss

by Jari Love

Eating the meat of the avocado and throwing away the pit is a lot like going for a jog but skipping your weight-room session: It’s bound to slow your weight loss results.

 Thanks to its metabolism-boosting oleic-acid content, noshing on the mighty green fruit can help shrink your waist. But eating the meat and the pit may bolster your results. How? The pit is filled with calcium, soluble fiber, magnesium and potassium, four nutrients that have been shown to support total health, fitness recovery, and weight loss. And once you crush the seed with a meat mallet and grind it in the blender, there are tons of tasty ways to eat it. Here are a few of our favorites:

 The easiest way to consume an avocado seed is through a straw. To make a smoothie with the oft-overlooked superfood, combine:

  • two apples
  • a peeled lemon
  • half a banana
  • a half-cup of spinach
  • ginger to taste
  • half a ground avocado seed

and blend until smooth.

 Believe it or not, a grated avocado seed is a perfect ingredient to balance the flavor of spicy mole recipes. Since the pit is quite bitter and has a strong flavor, we suggest using no more than one ground pit per batch.

 Invest in a tea ball infuser and throw a chopped avocado pit inside (a pulverized seed will seep out through the holes). Toss the infuser into a mug and then pour boiling water over it. Since avocado seeds are a bit bitter, you may need to add a bit of sweetener or honey to make your drink more palatable.


Jari Love – original creator of Get RIPPED! DVD series and group exercise classes. The hot-selling and critically acclaimed Get RIPPED! series enables individuals of any fitness level to burn up to three times more calories than the traditional weight-training program, and has received rave reviews from fitness critics throughout North America since the first title debuted in late 2005.

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  • Egunyu Amutojo - May 13, 2019

    Amazing. I started taking avocado seed powder three weeks ago and the benefits are enormous.

    A quick one, can one roast avocado seed like you do green coffee?

  • Egunyu-Amutojo - May 13, 2019

    Hey Robert,

    Thank you for sharing the various ways one can use the pit of avocado and for your thoughts.

    I have also been grating the pit, dry it indoors and only place it under the sun for a day just to ensure there’s no moisture in it. I then grind it in the blender and boom, the powder is ready to be taken in any form.

    I confirm, doing it that way somehow does away with the bitter taste.

    I mostly use my powder in beverages (by adding fresh ginger, a spoon of honey and baobab powder Or okra seed powder with turmeric and honey or brown sugar if I really must have a sweetener). I feel good.

    Note: That’s me. I guess we need nutritional & medical evidence for the feel good factor.

    I will try out your recipes.

  • Egunyu Amutojo - May 13, 2019

    Amazing. I started taking avocado seed powder three weeks ago and the benefits are enormous.

    A quick one, can one roast avocado seed like you do green coffee?

  • Nyaaba Christiana - February 25, 2019

    I want to have flat tummy can I use the seed of avocado pear

  • Robert STillwell - February 25, 2019

    I have been using the pit of the avocado and drying it and grounding it in to a power it ends up a rust color I cut it dry it and grind it in a neutra bullet grounder I don’t fine it bitter like everyone claimed I have mixed the powder with garlic and onion power and use it on everything I cook I also sprinkle it on my scrambled eggs and avocado for breakfast you can mix it with cinnamon and put it on your oatmeal for breakfast put it on fruit apples banana anything u want it on don’t throw the seed away I mix it with v-8 juice also

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