Nekea Brown

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Qualifications: Master's degree in Education. Certified by AFAA.

Personal History: I have danced all my life. I was on the high school dance team and later turned that into professional cheerleading for football and basketball. However, it was not until 13 years ago when the fitness bug bit me. It was June 1992 - the sweet promise of summer in the air. Driving home from college to spend a summer working on my internship, there was a radio advertisement by the "Y" looking for aerobics instructors. It offered 'training provided, no experience, get paid to work out, and have fun. Call now!' Stunned, I did a double take. I was excited and called right away! Many years later, I'm still excited and passionate about fitness. I have 2 beautiful girls that I delivered the day after teaching kickboxing class. Now, they love the beat of aerobic music and steppin' is their favorite activity.

Workout Philosophy: It is my job to make fitness accessible to everyone. I hate to have my prima donnas intimidate my beginners in class. All workouts should be fun, challenging, creative, and unique.

Success Story: There is a lady that comes to my kickboxing class every week. She places herself in the back of the class. I always say in my classes to keep moving. If you can't follow, just march in place, but KEEP MOVING. Eight months later, she comes up to me after class and thanks me, because she has lost 36 pounds by coming to my class. Wow, that is an accomplishment.


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