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Qualifications: Former professional ballet dancer and received training from one of the top 5 best ballet schools in the world, certified personal trainer from ASFA, certified Pilates instructor from ASFA, certified group fitness instructor from ASFA, certified in nutrition from ASFA, Tendu Toning® creator.

Personal History: Rachel Speck was born in Carlisle, PA where she started dancing ballet at age 3 at one of the best ballet schools in the world, Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet. At age 12, Miami City Ballet offered her a full scholarship to study with the company for the summer. She continued to go every summer until she turned 15 and moved to Miami permanently to dance with them. She moved all by herself at 15 to pursue her dream of dancing. After she retired from dancing, her biggest fear was becoming out of shape, so she decided to get into the fitness world. She got her personal training certification as well as group fitness and pilates from American Sports and Fitness Association. She immediately started working at Crunch gym on Miami Beach, but after only a few months decided to start her own company, Speck Fitness inc. She traveled around to different clients all over Miami, as well as, teaching classes at different gyms. Everything she learned when she became a trainer she wished she would have known when she danced because it would have made her a better dancer. She was determined to now share her new knowledge to other ballet dancers in a way that would help them get stronger in dancing. She also noticed that with traditional training methods, her clients weren’t achieving a ballerina body. She decided to bring the best of both of her worlds together and create a workout. It took a few years of teaching it everyday to her clients and at classes at gyms for her to create the perfect balance of ballet and fitness. She first introduced it as Ballet Fitness at Sweat USA. Ballet fitness is what the workout is, but it was too generic for a name, so she changed it to Tendu Toning. Tendu is one of the most basic ballet steps, and toning is what you do in the workout. She then went to on trademark the workout, brand it, and film her first dvd Tendu Toning Where Ballet Meets Fitness.  Shortly after filming the dvd, she began creating the certification program for it. It is recognized with NASM and AFAA where trainers can receive CEUs when they take the certification workshop.  She has now held multiple workshops and certified dozens of trainers in her method.  She also just filmed the second DVD for Tendu Toning called Ballerina Strong.  Rachel continues to train clients on a regular basis either in person or via Skype®.  She also teaches Tendu Toning® classes everyday all over Miami and Fort Lauderdale and has a ballet program for kids.  Now that Tendu Toning® has become nationally known, she travels to did gym's and ballet schools doing master classes and workshops.

Workout Philosophy: I believe that there isn't one magic workout or diet. Pretty much all workouts are going to give you some type of results, but it comes down to personal preference.  You have to do a workout that you enjoy, that's at your fitness level, but that also gives you the results that you're looking for.  Some workouts are designed to create really big muscles. Others focus mostly on cardio, or my workout Tendu Toning, creates long lean muscles.  It's all about what you want, but at the end of the day, it's about having fun, moving, and burning calories!

Success Story: As lots of you have been following, my sister had a baby a year ago, and she has been on a journey to lose the baby weight by doing my workout, Tendu Toning®. She had my niece,Abigail, on December 22nd 2015.  We waited a few months to take her first measurements and start her fitness plan since those first few months she couldn't even workout, and of course you initially lose some weight once the baby is born.  We wanted the measurements to really be accurate, so we did her first measurements in April of 2016. That was almost 4 months postpartum.  We then redid her measurements in August.  I'm sure lots of you saw that post. From April-August, she lost 17.5in by doing Tendu Toning® and a healthy diet!!! Unbelievable!! We redid her measurements just now at Christmas.  Only 4 months after the measurements in August, and she lost another 8.5in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's a total of 26in that she has lost since April! It hasn't even been a year yet!  She looks the best she's ever looked in her life! She's wearing clothes from high school! I'm so proud of you, Marta! It takes a lot of dedication and motivation to stick with it day in and day out.  It's a lifestyle change, and healthy eating and doing Tendu Toning® has become part of her life.


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