Cathe Friedrich's XTrain: All Out Low Impact HIIT
Backcover Description: All Out Low Impact HiiT utilizes one of the best cardio training methods for fat...

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All Out Low Impact HiiT utilizes one of the best cardio training methods for fat loss and muscle retention called HiiT. The HiiT method stand for High Intensity Interval Training and it’s known to be one of the best ways to burn fat and lose weight because it increases your body’s metabolism long after your exercise session has ended, not just during it.

In All Out Low Impact HiiT, we’ll be challenging you with a workout featuring two short - but super intense – low impact segments. This makes it very versatile because you can do both workouts back to back or choose to do just one or the other on days that you are really short on time.

The first low impact HiiT segment uses no equipment other than a set of light hand-weights. The second segment uses a step and gliding discs along with the set of light hand weights. Both workouts feature a high “fun factor” along with the perfect amount of intensity.

I’ll tell you right now, you’ll find yourself reaching for this low impact video time and time again!

Cathe Friedrich's XTrain: All Out Low Impact HIIT

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Level: Advanced

Beginner: Just starting out, very overweight or haven't exercised in over six months.

Intermediate: Active in sports, dance or any regular exercise (2 to 3 times per week).

Advanced: Very active in sports or consistently work out four or more times per week.

Aerobics Impact: Lower

Lower Impact: Both feet never leave the ground at the same time. This minimizes stress on your knees.

Higher Impact: Includes movements like jumps, hops and skips. Very high-impact is called plyometrics.

Mixed Impact: This alternates or combines the above styles.

Aerobics Choreography: Basic

Basic: The easiest to follow. It ranges from simple walking-style marches to sports and athletic movements.

Complex: More intricate combinations and patterns. They're ideal for people who like to dance.

Moderate: More interesting than Basic, less dancy than Complex.

Instructor: Cathe Friedrich (Instructor Profile)
SKU: 6372
Runtime: 39 min.
Region: 0
Street Date: 01/03/2013

Certified instructor description:

This interval training workout proves that “high intensity” doesn't have to mean “high impact.” Instead, this low-impact program keeps you nearly breathless with fast, deep and wide-ranging exercises (plus lots of intensity-enhancing equipment). You'll start with traditional athletic moves like squats, lunges, pulses and lifts (done with and without dumbbells). Then Cathe adds the step platform — lifting your body up and down definitely boosts the challenge. Finally, she advances to the gliding disc section. It includes mountain climbers and non-impact “disc jacks” — moves that demand core strength and cardio endurance (they're tough!). Requires 2 to 10 lb. dumbbells, a step and gliding discs (but paper plates will work). ©2012.


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