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  • Robin - January 16, 2016

    I’m 55 and having been doing Cathe for years. Have enjoyed most of her DVD’s and videos. The wedding video got me in shape for my own and what I like best about Cathe is her phenomenal instruction. I live in NJ. Would be a real treat to take a class with her someday. What I also like is her “crew” that works out with her; many familiar faces over the years.

  • Collage Video - September 16, 2014

    The contest is now over!

    Congratulations to our two t-shirt winners: SHARON GUDERMUTH and KAREN TANNENBAUM! Watch your e-mail for a note from us so we can get your address and send you your shirt.

    Thanks to all who submitted a story and keep your eyes out for another t-shirt giveaway that will be posted on this blog on Friday, 9/19!

  • Becky Kresser - September 12, 2014

    I’ve bought plenty of collage videos over the years. Even had my success story and pic posted in the catalogue! Currently I have been diagnosed with arthritis and would like to lose 25 pounds to be in tip top shape. I need to find exercises that don’t aggravate.

  • Janice Katz - September 04, 2014
    I learned to cope with the fatigue and stress of my first amazing son, Alex being very , very challenged with neurological developmental challenges and rare health condition. I chose to deal with a difficult day by doing a kick boxing DVD . I had fun , felt fit and slept better. Soon I lost over 15 or more unwanted pounds. I explored other fitness tapes such as dance, Pilates, yoga and more. Before I knew it I was now rewarding myself for a good day. I joined other parents and advocates who shared similar experiences as myself. I was empowered. With more obstacles I found solutions ( starting 4 needed programs for deserving people with special needs such as my son. ( For my son) I decided that if I was going to help Alex I would help as others too. No one was interested in helping him, with lots of love, hard work and much luck Alex is now a role model to others. He is happy and enjoying his life. I am happy that I stayed strong and determined not opting to have Alex live in a group home for very challenged young people . We both have weathered many storms thanks to his brother Zach who is 23 months younger and my amazing husband Paul of practically 35 years. We adopted two amazing dogs too. Fitness is a huge part of our lives. We hike to see amazing waterfalls, swim and try many new things.We are a stronger now!
  • Ms. Val Leon - September 03, 2014

    Back in the day (more years than I care to admit) I did a bit of modelling and acting – nothing famous or even seen much today. But it was so easy then in my 20’s to stay in shape. Now, I need to exercise every day to just maintain a reasonable level. It’s easier with DVDs than it was with tapes since I can just do the bits I like and skip the hard parts :)

    But I also like to take it outside and do combos of walking, running, and jogging. Between that and my gardening, i get lots of fresh air and sunshine which makes doing indoor fitness a little easier.

    Thanks for the offer – hope I qualify!

  • Karen Deily Tannenbaum - August 31, 2014

    I do not have a profound fitness story, but I have a consistent one. I am 58 and have been working out in some way or another since I was a senior in college and caught the “jogging” bug. I ran for 10 years or so, and fit it in with having children. It became increasingly difficult for me to coordinate with my husband watching the kids so I could go for a run. That is when I switched to indoor exercising. I purchased a Nordic track ski machine and loved it and it fit the bill for me with my young kids. Then, I discovered FitTV….I worked out with Gilad, with Denise Austin, and discovered Cathe Friedrich. Oh my, did she challenge me and make me feel like a beginner all over again. I gradually started building up my home gym first with a Reebok step for my 42nd birthday from my husband and it came with a VHS workout by Gin Miller. I loved it! Then, I purchased Gilad’s Step VHS workout…and that was the beginning of my home workout collection which has now grown to probably over 75 DVDs. I know have a medicine ball, stability ball, barre, dumbbells from 3-30 pounds, on a rack, various resistance tubes, fitness bands and loops, and I workout just about every day. I eat healthy 80/20, love to cook and bake and yes, I eat dessert. I eat what I want, but practice portion control. I know how many calories are in my food, and eat accordingly. The amazing result of working out and such every day for me all these years has shown nothing but amazing results medically. My bone density increased 10% after menopause…I never had a bone density problem, but these tests are routine every couple of years. My dr called and told me he has NEVER seen this…that is from lifting. Additionally, my blood levels of everything is very good. I had such low triglycerides they could not run one of my tests. My dr had never that in her years of practice either. I eat sweets and use real butter…but it must be from my regular workouts that this has occurred. A fitness myth is you have to workout hard all the time to get results, and the key is, you only have to be consistent. Fitness is built gradually and once you are fit, it is great to challenge your body to do new things, but it doesn’t have to be vigorous everyday. You reach a maintenance phase. I alternate a heavy, hard day with a lighter day. I love HiiT and tabata, and lifting heavy, but when I am sore, or have had a heavy plyo workout one day, I choose a low impact workout the next. At 58, I have to be very mindful. I am very focused on form and listening to my body. My favorite instructors are Cathe Friedrich (yes, I can do everything she does..I dislike tuck jumps, so I modify them), Kelly Coffey Meyer, and I have many Jillian and Denise dvds that I still reach for. Gilad is a presence too. Now that there are so many options on the internet, I love Jessica Smith. She has so many free workouts online and a wide range of options. I discovered Melissa Bender and she is a very knowledgeable and sensible trainer. With so many options out there, there really is no excuse. Every day I can get out of bed and walk is a great day. I do something new or different every day and exercise is a lifestyle for me, it is my daily medicine. I was diagnosed with degenerative Osteoarthritis in my cervical spine at the age of 40 and my Dr told me to workout, to stay strong, to have strong muscles for what might be in store for me in the future. My mother is crippled with it, and I am fighting it through working out. I encourage people to try 10 minutes, there are so many options out there…get started, keep with it, walk…walk 10 minutes one day, everyday…small changes make big results. You just have to start! Once you start be consistent, the positives will follow! Just an additional note, Cathe has an excellent low impact series, Jessica Smith offers many low impact or barefoot workout options. Now I see that daily burn has a truly beginner series online. Try it, and do I go through exercise slumps? YES!!!!! I pick a favorite workout, take a couple of days off, but mostly I just tell myself, try it for 10 minutes and if you really want to stop you can…guess what…I usually don’t want to stop.

  • Ronnie Carlson - August 25, 2014

    My favorite workout – when I’m not doing one of Cathe’s DVDs! – is to bike. On good weather days, I try to do at least 10 miles early in the morning. Not looking forward to this winter when I can’t get out there every day, so I think I need to get one of those indoor trainers to attach to my bike.

  • Julie Robinson - August 20, 2014

    Fitness was never a word I used growing up, even though I was an active kid, enthusiastic recess participant, and proud achiever of One Whole Pull Up during the President’s Council on Fitness challenge in 6th grade ( I got an iron-on patch LOL but so did everyone!). I swam all summer, and went skiing in the winter. I found Bess Motta and the 20 Minute Workout in High School, and got shin splints with Jane Fonda. But I wasn’t strong, nor did I feel good about myself. I underate, dieted, or fasted for years. Finally, 1997 arrived and the internet entered my life! I found The FIRM via a friend, met an on-line community of home exercisers and had Instant mental & physical connection! I found Collage Video in 1998,and the combination of your educational catalogs and other forums for fitness helped make me one smart fitness cookie (with no calories of course Ha!) I am grateful daily for my fitness habit. Long may it live!

  • Sharon Gudermuth - August 20, 2014

    My fitness story starts in 1984, and is still being written. I went through periods of successes, and periods of laziness. I started as a newly single, young Mom, and am now a Perimenopausal Grandma. I started with Jane Fonda’s Workout album. When I got bored with that, I would play my own albums, and do my favorite moves from Miss Fonda, make up some of my own, and dance, dance, dance!!! I saw Denise Austin’s Hit The Spot series of tapes on a New Year’s Day shopping trip, and so began my video obsession!! I started reading Shape and Fitness magazines, where I learned about Collage Video, The FIRM and Cathe. Luck put a Time Life brochure in my mailbox and I ordered The FIRM series. The internet came to our home and it was fun, and addicting, to search for fitness info anytime I wanted. I found The FIRM’s website and forum list, where I learned more about Cathe. After a few years of FIRMing, by now the infomercial era was in full swing, Leslie Sansone, also from infomercial, and various others, my first Collage order was an infomercial kit from Richard Simmons, I took a chance on Cathe. I had started having menopausal symptoms by now, and was slowing down. I fell in love with Cathe. I began struggling, so I bought Cathe’s beginner workouts. Perfect!! Then my body changed in a frightening way. My energy level bottomed out and my motivation took a vacation! It has been the worst struggle of my life. I haven’t exercised in many years. Just recently, I did Cathe’s Basic Step, without a step, and The FIRM’s Basic Fat Burning, using 2,3, & 5 pound weights. To my surprise, I completed them, and was in my aerobic zone!! I have noticed a slight elevation in motivation since then. I thought I would have to start over as a novice exerciser, and instead, with modifications, I am able to feel challenged. I was never an advanced exerciser, but I was on my way when nature attacked me. I know that I will get back to exercising regularly, (I now own all of Cathe’s DVDs!!), because I always felt empowered after a workout. How great that will be heading into my 60s!!!

  • Hildee Weiss - August 20, 2014

    My exercise time each day is my ‘me’ time. As the mother of five kids ranging from 12 to 19, I don’t get a lot of time to myself to focus on what I need. What I get from exercise – whether it’s walking on the treadmill, doing an aerobics workout, strength training or going to a class at the gym – is time to put everything else in my life aside and enjoy the adrenaline rush and energy boost I get. There is nothing quite like it!

  • Rachel DeVaughn - August 20, 2014

    After having my second baby in the summer of 2010, I had reached my highest weight of 250 which was very traumatic for me (emotionally and physically)! I finally got serious about my diet & exercise in the summer of 2011. Since that time, I have lost over 85 pounds and have kept it off simply by starting small and being consistent! Because I was so overweight, I started small by just simply walking 15 mins at a time & counting calories; and I have now progressed to doing 45-60 minutes of exercise daily. I enjoy trying new workout programs at home and I love to blog about health and fitness workouts and ideas. I started blogging in hopes of inspiring others by my actions and words. Healthy eating & exercising needs to be a lifestyle commitment, not a temporary quick fix.

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