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My Christmas Gift to You for Stress Relief…

With all the added demands, Christmas can be stressful. I give you this gift of stress relief (script from Beginners Dynamic Yoga for Stress Release and Weight Loss).

Put on some quiet music, light some candles and record this or invite someone you are comfortable with to recite the following in relaxed, calm voice.

“This is your time to yourself. Be here right now with me: in mind, body and spirit.  Inhale and allow your belly to expand. Let love enter and fill your entire being.  Now feel your chest rise. Exhale slowly through your mouth. Now tighten your forehead, clench your lips and squeeze your cheeks. Hold for 3 seconds.  And now relax all of your facial muscles. Relax your forehead, your temples, your eyes, your cheeks, your nose, your lips and your chin. Your mind is relaxed, your eyes are relaxed, and your forehead, cheeks and lips are free of stress. 

Inhale through your nose and slowly exhale a long breath through your mouth.  Squeeze the muscles in your neck, your shoulders and continue down along your arms and hands.  Inhale with a belly breath, feel your belly rise before your chest expands. Exhale slowly for 3, 2, 1. Tense the muscles in your chest. Hold. Relax your chest. Let go of tightness. Inhale and release with a forceful exhale. Tighten your abdomen. Relax all of your abdominal muscles. Picture a butterfly in the pit of your stomach. This butterfly feeds from negative thoughts. Allow the butterfly to take your negative thoughts and set the butterfly free. Release all negative energy from your body. Your stomach feels completely relaxed.

Inhale clean, vibrant energy. Exhale sorrow and any problems that you may be experiencing. Stiffen your hips, your legs, feet and curl your toes. Hold. Relax your hips, legs, feet and toes. 

Your entire being is in a state of blissful relaxation. Know and feel all of your anxieties leaving you. You are free, no longer enslaved by anxious thoughts.  Know that you are a very special person with the ability to let go of whatever has troubled you.  Feel the warmth of relaxation blanketing your mind, renewing your body and soothing your spirit. Your spirit feels free now; free to restore yourself to a state of well-being.  You now know that you can let go of stress and find profound peace deep within yourself knowing that you are in control of your life’s choices.  Your mind is relaxed, your eyes are relaxed, your forehead, your cheeks and your lips are free of stress. You are calm and comfortable. Visualize yourself feeling and looking decades younger.

Do this every time you are faced with temptation.  Breathe in the strength that is within your spirit.  Exhale and know you are strong enough now to make healthy choices.” 

Supercharge your weight loss motivation and stress release with Beginners Dynamic Yoga for Stress Release and Weight Loss.!

Suzanne Andrews founded Functional Fitness in 2008, the most popular fitness series for boomers and seniors broadcasting on over 159 Public Television stations throughout the US and Canada. Read Suzanne’s inspiring comeback story of how she survived a near fatal accident, From Deaths Door to Producing a National Fitness Series. Feel free to send Suzanne a message here.

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