Want A Bikini Body? Stay Away From These Foods

by Jari Love

I know, I know, anyone can wear a bikini. Technically we all have a bikini body, but do you look and feel good in your bikini? It’s all about confidence when it comes to wearing a bikini. But the fitness industry starts to focus on getting a bikini body usually in April to give you time to slim down to boost your confidence in wearing that cute bikini. So you’ve done the work to look good in that bikini, but then July 4th comes around and you feel and look bloated, what do you do? This article I found was quite helpful in getting that bikini body, and keeping it for the summer.

Whether you’re prepared to show your rockin’ body on a boat or create a ‘buddy system’ with a pal to tell each other to suck in (guilty!), some foods are better to beat bloating.

Who better to ask real questions for real advice from a fitness model and a registered dietitian? Celebrity fitness personality and CEO of Cause Fitness Rachel Elizabeth Murray, and registered dietitian Mary Purdy share their expertise on maintaining a flat tummy in a bikini.

Why am I bloated?!

Mary Purdy, MS, RD: There is never truly one specific cause. It’s going to vary from individual to individual. For many, it is related to some kind of food sensitivity/intolerance/allergy. If someone tends to rush through a meal and not chew, very often that compromises digestive function and can lead to bloating.

Rachel Elizabeth Murray, Fitness Guru: Bloating is usually a digestive issue, but can be caused by many different things such as dehydration, over-hydration, carb-intake and timing, diet, portion size, lifestyle, etc. Which are the evil foods that make me bloat?

Purdy: It is totally individual. For many, it is dairy or wheat; that is what I find most common. 

Murray: To avoid bloating, try to avoid things

HELP! I am bloated and am boating tomorrow! What foods/supplements may help? Purdy: Herbs and spices can help: ginger, mint, cinnamon, fennel seeds. Taking a digestive enzyme or some bitters in water can also help.

Murray: Avoid anything processed! Load up on lean proteins and diuretic veggies (Ex: White fish with lemon and asparagus with a spinach/celery/cucumber salad). Drink 3-4L of fresh, filtered water. You can get dandelion root supplements at natural health food stores to help get rid of excess water weight.

I’m thirsty! What should I sip on? And, yes, I mean alcohol.

Purdy: Not beer! Beer is likely a bigger bloat culprit because it is carbonated and contains wheat which is a trigger for bloating in some people.

Murray: If you’re just trying to have fun with friends and look your best while doing it, I’d say stick with the clear (NOT flavored) liquors like vodka or tequila. If you must have a mixer, go sugar-free. You’re pretty safe with soda water but note that it is carbonated.

What foods should I be stocked up on for a slim stomach?

Purdy: Keep it simple – focus on REAL food: vegetables, fruit, plant based high fiber proteins like beans and lentils, nuts and seeds for health fats, and herbs and spices, and small amounts of whole grains.

Murray: Stick to lean protein, greens over grains, and tiny portions of healthy fats (almonds, olive/coconut oils, avocado). Protein has a higher ‘thermic effect’ (takes more energy to digest) and anything with high nutrient density will give you more ‘bang’ for your calorie ‘buck’ in terms of health, flat tummy, energy, beauty and wellness!

Go after that Bikini Body!  Via komonews.com

Jari Love – original creator of  Get RIPPED! DVD series and group exercise classes. The hot-selling and critically acclaimed Get RIPPED! series enables individuals of any fitness level to burn up to three times more calories than the traditional weight-training program, and has received rave reviews from fitness critics throughout North America since the first title debuted in late 2005.

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