Pilates Conditioning for Weight Loss

BDF Enterprises, Inc.

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Product Description: Pilates Conditioning for Weightloss
With Suzanne Deason
Cultivates mind-body awareness to strengthen, tone and help you achieve your goals.
Special International DVD Edition
Pilates is a dynamic system of exercise that integrates mind, body and breath to help you achieve your goals. Each exercise targets deep abdominal muscles to develop core stability while toning, strengthening and balancing your body, mind and spirit.
Designed by renowned yoga and certified Pilates instructor Suzanne Deason, Pilates Conditioning for Weight Loss offers workout variations to focus on muscular isolation, breath awareness and correct movement. This method gives maximum results for all levels of fitness and allows you to progress at your own pace.
The special international DVD edition includes the complete multi-level workout, beginner s modified workout angle and an in-depth interview with Suzanne Deason all with Spanish language translation. Use this program as a tool to help you reaffirm your connection to a healthy, fit body, calm mind and joyful spirit!
The Special International DVD Edition Includes:
Complete multi-level Pilates conditioning workout
Beginner s modified workout angle to help improve your level of fitness
In-depth interview with Suzanne Deason
Fully chaptered workout
Spanish language program translation
Props Recommended: Pilates Mat, Neck Pillow
Total content time: 2 hours

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