"Ask Sue" - (2-Part) Exercising with Injury & Daily Meal Breakdown

Question: Good morning Sue.  I have 2 questions for you:

1). How would you suggest I continue exercising when I am suffering from hip bursitis and tendinitis in one arm/shoulder? I am 70 years old and have always exercised (your videos now but Leslie Sansone, Joyce Vedral, yoga, plus some balance ball, Jari Love, and HIIT). Right now I am doing some gentle walking videos plus MELT and other foam rolling.  I am basically healthy- most of my "issues" are structural so this is very discouraging.

2). You are so slim. Would you break down the type of meals you have over the course of a day. I am a healthy eater but can't lose that "last 10 pounds."

Thank You.

Answer:  Hi!  Thanks so much for your questions!   

OH!  I feel your pain and frustration with your bursitis and tendinitis!  Your joints might be happy exercising in warm water, but I’m not sure that’s a possibility for you where you live.  Have you been to a physical therapist? They might be able to help your “itis” issues heal faster.  If you do continue exercising on your own, you obviously need to have pain be your guide - don’t do ANYthing that hurts!  You can also try “tweaking” the plane of motion that you are moving - for example, if it hurts your hip to do a forward lunge, you could try tweaking that forward lunge to a diagonal lunge or a “rotational lunge” to see if  that helps.  Feel free to shoot me a private email if that does not make sense!

As for my meals - I’m so boring!  I eat lots of fruits and veggies, whole grains, clean proteins, and stay clear of processed foods and added sugar.   Sodas are an obvious no-no, and I’m sure I bug people when I always say “no thank you” to dessert.   I fill up on delicious healthy food, but always stop eating when I’m full.   This is probably not news to you because it sounds like you are already a healthy eater.  It’s actually more important, health wise, to be active and fit rather than to stress too much about those pesky last 10 pounds.  Keep moving as much as your hip and shoulder will allow, and enjoy your healthy food and active life!



Sue Grant holds numerous certifications within the health and wellness industry.

  • Certified as a personal trainer by the ACE
  • Certified as a Master Instructor for the FallProof Program
  • Certified by the Arthritis Foundation
  • Certified in Older Adult Fitness by the American Institute of Fitness Educators

Sue has also studied personal training and group fitness through U.C. San Diego’s Fitness Professional Certificate program. Click here to find her collection of DVDs.

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